The holidays are fast approaching which means Apple is wrapping up its final announcements and 2022 launches This week was Apple Announce an increase in encryption options iCloudA new experience similar to karaoke called Apple Music Sing, and HomePod mini is now available in several countries.

Apple The is also being developed. “biggest upgrade” App Store pricing options available for developers and We looked at the reasons why some people might not be able to get an iPhone 14 Pro because of shortages. and more!

Apple Announces End to End Encryption Option for iCloud Photos, Notes, Backups, and More

Apple This week, a major expansion in end-to-end encryption was announced iCloud On an opt-in basis

Apple advanced security Advanced Data Protection screen Feature Orange
Start with iOS 16.2, iPadOS 162. and macOS 13.1, due later this month. A new Advanced Data Protection feature allows users to enable end-to–end encryption across many other platforms. iCloud data categories, including backups, photos, notes, and more.

Apple Also, two additional security features were previewed for iMessage and Apple Identification accounts that will be made available in 2023

Apple Music Sing: A new Karaoke feature has been announced for the iPhone and iPad and Apple TV

Apple Music Sing, a new feature similar to karaoke in the upcoming version of the karaoke app, is now available. Apple Music App that allows you to sing along with tens or millions of songs.

apple music sing color bg 1
This feature allows users lower the volume of vocals within a song. and You will then be asked to sing in the lyrics section. Apple Music app. App. and newer, select iPads, and The most recent Apple TV 4K

Officially, it will launch later this month. However, it’s now available to iOS 16.2 beta-users. and To get a feel for the functionality of this new feature, we tried it out firsthand.

iOS 16.2 for iPhone to be Launched Next Week with These 12 New Features

iOS 16.2 will be released in the next week after nearly two years of beta testing. With last-minute additions such as Apple Music Sing and Advanced Data Protection is now available as a software update for the iPhone. It includes over a dozen new features.

iOS 16
We have compiled a list with 12 important features and iOS 16.2 features new iPhone changes including the Freeform App and AirDrop settings and more.

Are you unable to get an iPhone 14 Pro? Here are 5 Reasons You Should Wait to Get an iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 14 Pro was discontinued due to production problems at the main iPhone factory. and iPhone 14 Pro Max is very difficult to find currently.

iPhone 15 Ultra Rumors Thumb
You might want to wait if you can’t get your hands on the iPhone 14 Pro right away. “iPhone 15 Ultra” It is rumored that the device will launch next year. The new features include a faster USB C port and There are many more.

Apple Announces App Store Modifications, including an Expanded Pricing Policy up to $10,000

Apple This week, Apple announced that it will provide developers with 700 additional price points for AppStore apps. Apps can be priced as low at 29 cents or as high as $10,000 on request.

iOS App Store General Feature Sqaure Complement
Apple It is now easier for developers manage foreign currency rate fluctuations. These changes will apply to apps with auto-renewable subscriptions. and In 2023, all apps will have access to the new feature.

HomePod Mini Launching in More This Month: Countries

Apple The HomePod mini will be made available in Finland and Norway, according to the company. and Sweden orders are now open for purchase starting on December 13.

homepod mini color bars
On December 19, the smart speaker launches in South Africa. and Denmark in the early 2023.

It has been more than two years since. Apple The HomePod mini has been released in the United States. We discussed what the future holds for this smart speaker earlier in the week.

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