Apple’s last update for 2022 was released this week with the holidays just around the bend. iOS 16.2 and Other platforms may also receive updates to their operating systems. These updates contain a variety of new features. Now, the focus is on software. iOS 16.3 in the early part of next year

Apple News and This week’s rumors included the rumor that Apple was looking to please European regulators and working with other app stores to start with iOS 17, Rumours of an even larger 15.5-inch MacBook Air Next year and Continue reading to find out more!

iOS 16.2 Includes these new features

Apple’s Weekly Release iOS 16.2 iPhone 8 and Newer after two months’ beta testing. Over a dozen new features were added to the software update, including Apple Music Sing, Freeform, and an Apple Music Sing option that allows you to extend end-to–end iCloud encryption. and You can find more information here.

iOS 16
Check out this list. iOS 16.2 You can find all new features in the iPhone’s Features section.

Apple has also launched iPadOS 16.2 This week Stage Manager has external display support enabled on compatible iPads. and tvOS 16.2.

Betas for the next version are also available, iOS 16.3, which allows you to use hardware security keys in conjunction with your Apple ID.

Apple to Support Alternative App Stores and Sideloading Europe

Apple plans to let alternative apps stores be accessible on iPhone and iPad used in Europe as part of a compliance with the Digital Markets Act. BloombergMark Gurman,.

iOS App Store General Feature Sqaure Complement
Apple is looking to make the changes part of iOS 8, according to the report. iOS 17 is due to be revealed at WWDC in June. Third-party apps stores are not yet allowed worldwide.

15-Inch MacBook Air To Launch Spring 2023

Apple will soon release a 15.5 inch version of its iPhone. MacBook Air Ross Young, an analyst in display technology and Ross Young believe that it could go live as early as the third quarter of 2023. Current MacBook Air Available with the M2 Chip is a smaller display of 13.6 inches

M2 MacBook Air 2022 Feature0015
Young said also that Apple intends to launch a brand new 13 inch display. MacBook Air With an OLED screen in 2024. OLED technology allows for greater brightness and a higher contrast ratio. This Mac could be the first to adopt it. and Longer battery life

Steam Database reveals two unreleased Macs

Two unreleased Mac models have been spotted in Steam’s monthly device survey — they are likely the next 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Modular Pro Models with M2Pro and M2 Max chips.

apple silicon mac lineup wwdc 2022
Geekbench reports show that the same Macs have appeared in results several times. These numbers give us an opportunity to examine the M2 Pro’s performance. and M2 Max chips. These laptops will be available in 2023.

The AirPods Max 2: All We Know About Their Features and Release Date

Apple’s AirPods Max were released two years ago this week. We’ve summarized our thoughts so far on AirPods Max 2, but the headphones’ over-ear counterparts haven’t been updated in a while.

AirPods Max Gen 2 Feature Black 2
AirPods Max 2 can adopt many of the features from AirPods Pro 2, such as adaptive transparency and IPX4-rated sweat. and Water resistance, skin detection sensors and The U1 chip

The following iPhone features are still in development iOS 16.2The Release

The release of iOS 16.2Below are five of the upcoming iPhone features Apple announced, but has yet to announce, like an Apple Pay Later option for financing. and You can earn interest on Daily Cash by opening an Apple Card savings bank account

ios 16 lock screen feature
A feature from the original list was added in the iOS 16.3 beta is the most recent, but others may not be available until later. iOS 16.4 or higher

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