It’s still six months away from the official unveiling. iPhone 15 But there are rumors, not lineup and New spy photos, renderings and CAD leaks show that leaks are already at fever pitch. and Recent weeks have seen new information.

As we continue to look towards a possible new Mac model, there are other Mac models in development. 15MacBook Air, sized at a full-inch and You can read more about the Apple silicon Mac Pro as well as future updates. and more!

iPhone 15 The Leak Reveals Dynamic Islands, USB-C Port and More

A reputed image of the standard iPhone 15 Leaked this week online by the Twitter account @URedditor This leak revealed that the Dynamic Islands will be featured on the new device. and As rumored by some, a USB-C port is available, but the overall design of the standard remains unchanged. iPhone 14.

iPhone 15 Cyan and Magenta Feature 2
Three-dimensional renderings of the iPhone 15 Also, based on leaked CADs this week, a second look was provided at the device.

Expect to see more changes in the future. iPhone 15 There are pro models that have at least 8 new features, but they won’t appear on the standard model. iPhone 15Includes a titanium frame. iPhone 15 Rumours have it that Pro Models will be offered a dark-red option with pink accents. and Light blue alternatives to the standard iPhone 15 models.

Apple Takes Action to Prevent iPhone Users from Getting iOS 17 Developer Beta For Free

Beta 1 of iOS 16.4 was a brand new “Beta Updates” The Settings app has a menu that allows Apple Developer Program Members to enable iOS You can get beta versions of the software directly through an iPhoneWithout the need for a configuration profile to be installed by Apple

iOS 17 on Phone Feature
This will stop iPhone Users who do not wish to pay $99/year for this program will be able to install it. iOS It will be available for download at WWDC June 17th.

Apple’s Popularity with Gen Z Poses Challenges to Android

Report from the Financial Times This week’s data showed that younger Americans favor Apple by a significant margin over other companies. It also drove a shift in generation toward Apple products amid social pressure.

Apple Event Far Out Banner
According to the study, young consumers fear being socially excluded for having no insurance. iPhone – a phenomenon that is driving young people to buy other Apple products and Services are also available.

Apple Purchases All 3nm Chips from TSMC iPhone 15 Pro and M3 Macs

Apple is reported to have secured all orders for N3, TSMC’s first-generation 3-nanometer technology that will be used in the upcoming iPhone 15 New MacBooks and the Pro line-up are scheduled to launch in 2023’s second half.

m3 feature black
New process offers significant efficiency increases compared to current chips. This will allow for improved performance. and Lower power consumption N3E will also be released later this year. and Apple is likely to become the first customer of TSMC to do so, in an effort to keep up with chip technology.

Apple Files Bluetooth Listing amid Rumors About New MacBook Air and Mac Pro

Apple has filed a new listing for Bluetooth Launch Studio this week, which can sometimes be a sign of new product launches. This filing refers to an earlier macOS listing. It could indicate that the filing is related to future Macs.

MacBook Air Multiple Sizes Feature
Apple may be planning an even larger iPhone. 15MacBook Air -inch and A new Mac Pro will be released in 2023 with the M2 series of chips.

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