2023 is now available and Apple rumors are already circulating about this year’s release. iPhone 15 The long-rumored mix-reality headset lineup and more.

Also, this week marks the beginning of the year. CES Las Vegas, where hundreds of companies showcase their products. Apple shuts down its much-loved iPhone in the first event of the year. Dark Sky The weather app was acquired by it in 2020. Continue reading for more details about these stories and Check out the latest week in detail!

iPhone 15 Pro Models Rumored to Have Titanium Frame, Taptic Buttons, and Higher RAM and More

Apple’s next-generation iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will be equipped with several features including a titanium frame and solid state buttons, as well as haptic feedback. and Jeff Pu, an analyst, claims that there is more RAM.

iPhone 15 Pro Blue Feature
Volume of solid-state and The power button would look similar to that of the recent Home button iPhone SE. SE.

Apple’s AR/VR Headset Digital Crown, Waist Mounted Battery Pack. and More

Apple’s mixed-reality headset for Apple will include a physical dial that switches to real-world views, a belt-mounted battery pack and small motors that adjust internal lenses automatically. and According to this report, there is more. Information.

apple mixed reality headset mockup feature orange
Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said this week that Apple will likely announce the headset in 2023. This is because continued delays in development have caused mass production to be delayed until late in the second or third quarters of the year.

CES Video Roundup – Hyper Find My Backpack and Nanoleaf4D TV Kit. Withings U”Scan. and More

MacRumors It is located at CES Las Vegas 2023 is the place to be this week, for an in-person look at all new Apple devices and accessories being announced.

CES 2023 Day 1 Thumbnail
Here are video recaps from the first and second games. and Third day at CES 2023: A closer look at Hyper’s backpack and Ember’s travel cup with Apple Find My app support. iPhoneWithings, a urine-reader that is connected to the Internet and Other interesting items were also found on the floor.

Apple closes popular Weather AppDark Sky’

Apple’s popular weather app has been shut down as per plan Dark Sky. In September, the App Store had removed this app. and On January 1, it was no longer available to existing users.

dark sky hand
Apple acquires Dark Sky In March 2020 and Since then, it’s incorporated many of its features into the Preinstalled Weather App on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Apple has shared an Apple support document earlier this month that included information about how to use the Mac Dark Sky The Weather app is available for Android users.

AMD claims its new laptop chip is 30% faster than M1 Pro

Take a look at CES AMD claims that their new Ryzen 97940HS chipset for Windows laptops, AMD’s Ryzen 9 7940HS, is 34% faster than Apple’s M1 processor. Pro Chip available in the most recent 14-inch and MacBook 16 inch Pro.

amd event m1 pro
Despite the fact that Apple’s silicon competitors are increasing, it is important to note that Apple launched the M1 in 2011. Pro Chip around 14 Months Ago and AMD didn’t offer any comparisons to Apple’s M1 Max faster chip.

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