PHOENIX, Ariz. – Former television newscaster and failed Republican candidate for governor Kari Lake She suggested violence to thousands of conservative activists on Sunday, furthering her claim that last month she won.

“On Nov. 8, they committed highway robbery,” To chants “Kari! Kari!”

LakeA lawsuit was filed by a voter against election administrators for fraud. He called the Maricopa County Elections system “a” “house of cards” That she had promised to remove. “I’m not just going to knock that house of cards over. We’re going to burn it to the ground,” Sie said. “They messed with the wrong woman. They messed with the wrong movement, of ‘we the people.’ And we’re not going to take it anymore.”

She then told the crowd that the Second Amendment – the right to bear arms – was in danger because of current leadership, and that that amendment protected all the others.

“You do not steal our vote and get away with it. You don’t,” She added.

LakeTo borrow a technique from Donald Trump’s former president, Trump attacked the news media and asked the audience to reject him. “mainstream media” on a riser.

“Their days are numbered,” Sie said.

She didn’t know that she had insulted Turning Point USA staff members.

Lake Much of her talk was spent blaming the election for her defeat. “They had to steal our vote in broad daylight,” Sie said. “My pronouns are by the way: I won.”

Lake’s appearance at Turning Point’s “AmericaFest” She was promising it well before the election. Many conservatives thought she would do so as Arizona governor-elect. After its establishment in Illinois, the conservative group moved to Phoenix many years ago. The conference’s attendance – 10,800, according to Turning Point’s founder and head Charlie Kirk – rivals that of the decades-old Conservative American Political Action Conference Conservative Union.

The long-serving local news anchor had been regarded until a few weeks back as the most brilliant star in the Trump wing. His lie about the 2020 election was embraced enthusiastically by her. “stolen” From him, and made that the cornerstone of her run for governor. Lake In the closing weeks of the campaign, she flirted also with the idea of endorsing the use or violence political. widely criticized For mocking the attack against Paul Pelosi’s husband, Nancy Pelosi (D.Ca.).

She held fundraisers at his Palm Beach social club ― putting tens of thousands of dollars into his pockets in the process ― and won his endorsement, which she rode to a narrow victory in the Republican primary this summer.

But Lake He continued to spread his election lies going into the general election, and ended up losing Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs by 17,000 votes. Hobbs was criticized even among Democrats for her lackluster campaign.

Exit polling across the country found that many independents and even some Republicans, while unhappy with high inflation and President Joe Biden’s leadership, voted against GOP candidates who pushed Trump’s false election claims.

However, this key fact did not appear to be a lasting impression. Lake or any of the other speakers at Turning Point USA’s conference.

Kirk, whose full embrace of Trump in 2016 dramatically increased TPUSA’s influence and fundraising ability during the Trump presidency, lamented the performance of the midterms and said that he and his allies needed a “coherent vision of what we as conservatives believe in and what we are fighting for” ― but did not broach Trump’s unpopularity with a majority of Americans.

Saturday night’s keynote speaker, Fox News host Tucker Carlson, said his “mind was blown” by the midterm results and, after a detailed explanation of how he needed to go pheasant hunting in South Dakota for three days to clear his head, attributed Republicans’ poor showing to unspecified leaders who did not believe in God.

Even Byron Donalds from Florida, a Republican congressman, began his remarks by praising the “good news” Nancy Pelosi (California Democrat) would no longer speak but she acknowledged that this was true “the end of the good news,” did not blame Trump’s fixation with his 2020 election loss. Instead, Donalds blamed Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell, and at the very end, Republicans’ failure to woo more voters in “urban corridors.”

Trump lies about the 2020 election and continues to be under investigation by Department of Justice in Georgia and State Prosecutors in Georgia. They are investigating his attempted coup to keep him in power on Jan. 6, 2021 and other efforts that led up to it. The DOJ is investigating Trump for keeping top-secret White House documents at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, despite a subpoena requiring him to turn them over.

He is still running for President and has the support of large segments of the Republican primary voter base.