The creator of a brand new ebook about Donald Trump on Tuesday highlighted what he believes was “so disturbing” in regards to the former president’s first 2024 presidential debate towards President Joe Biden, which CNN hosted final week.

And it wasn’t Biden’s faltering efficiency that has sparked calls from newspapers and distinguished Democrats for him to give up the race.

“Apprentice in Wonderland” author Ramin Setoodeh, an editor at Selection, instructed MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace that Biden’s widely-panned activate the stage meant “we didn’t get to see the real Donald Trump” as a result of the presumptive GOP presidential nominee “retreated” and “kind of held back.”

“Trump is very skilled,” mentioned Setoodeh, who for his ebook interviewed Trump six instances following his 2020 election defeat.

Trump has “gone into the boardroom and when someone is self-imploding or self-destructing, and I could see it in Donald Trump’s eyes, he could see that he didn’t need to do much and so he held back and we didn’t get to the see the real Donald Trump,” he added.