The front a On Sunday night, the entire crowd was sold out in Donald J. Trump He lamented that the auto industry was declining under Democratic control and said, “stood up to China” Saving thousands of manufacturing positions.

This was a a He could have delivered a speech in 2020. The script then changed. In his first visit this year to the state, Mr. Trump He argued for free trade, manufacturing and a culture war against liberals while criticizing his principal Republican opponent, Governor. Ron DeSantis, Florida.

The latter remarks received the most raucous applause at the Oakland County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner, which was giving Mr. Trump The award for the Man of the Century is presented every decade.

However, across the state, Republicans are at a Crossroads with internal conflicts among TrumpThe candidates of the -aligned groups have faced a Losses in series in In recent years, the establishment has lost all power.

Mr. Trump’s full-throated embrace of election denialism and a Crusade against “wokeism,” Michigan Republicans have been left in doubt about the chances of his victory, even though his strongest supporters echo his sentiments. in a general election — and if there is any possibility of stopping his candidacy before then.

Although Mr. Trump Win Michigan in Since their 2016 campaign for the presidency, Republicans in Michigan have had a difficult time gaining statewide support. The Republicans lost to Gretchen Whitmer for the Governorship. a Democrat, in Then, in 2018, another significant loss occurred in In 2020, Joseph R. Biden Jr. will be the President of the United States.

The most painful year was 2022: it’s the first. in Michigan Republicans were out of power for the first time in 40 years when they lost control of their state legislature chambers. This year was marked by a Wide range of candidates supported by Mr. TrumpMany of them embraced false allegations that the 2020 elections were stolen and lost their races.

Oakland County underscores the party’s tumultuous past few years: Still G.O.P.-controlled in The region of 2016 in the Detroit suburbs, home to the state’s largest population of Republicans, is now controlled by Democrats.

The establishment Republicans are concerned that Mr. Trump Michigan’s swing state status will be slowly lost with his supporters at the top. Kristina Karamo, a Republican candidate for Secretary of State who was unsuccessful in The state party won its control after 2022 when she made fraud in elections and voter denial a central part of her campaign. in February.

“Donald Trump decapitated the entire Republican establishment in Michigan,” Jason Roe a Former Executive Director of the Michigan Republican Party planning to support another candidate in There is a growing field of Republican candidates for President.

“The reality is that other than Donald Trump’s surprise victory in 2016, all he’s done is lose,” Addendum by Mr. Roe “So at some point, conservative voters in America have to decide if they want to be loyal to Donald Trump or if they care about the future of our country.”

The perceived choice was however not the same as what it actually is. a nonstarter in Novi Sunday dinner, with a minimum $250 charge a ticket. Over 2,500 people, according to organizers, packed the Suburban Collection Showplace.

In an hourlong speech, Mr. Trump Biden has been attacked by many, who look beyond the primaries to future elections. a possible general election rematch. He criticised the President for what he termed a “maniacal push” The use of electric vehicles could lead to a reduction in the “decimation” of the state’s auto industry.

Then he continued to do what he was doing now a Years-long tirade on voting security Rudolph W. Giuliani and Mr. Trump’s former lawyer known for carrying out frivolous lawsuits to overturn the 2020 election, who received a Standing ovation for Mr. Trump.

When he stated that he was going to sign an Executive Order cutting off funding for schools who support critical race theory, the crowd roared in approval. “transgenderism.”

Instead of blaming Mr. Trump Many blamed party officials for the recent loss of elections, even if they admitted that Republicans lost.

“It needs a little bit more leadership. I think they seem to sway sometimes, and I don’t like that,” Lisa Mackey, Plymouth, Mich. “We all have to work together, regardless of what side of the fence you’re on, but I think sometimes they’re not looking out for our best interests.”

Mr. Trump The praise for Ms. Karamo was that she is a “hard worker who’s working very hard to keep this an honest election.” Some attendees like Monica Job from Armada (Mich.) also offered praise: “When she lost and then ran for the state party, that showed she’s not a quitter,” Then Ms. Job spoke.

There are doubts about the ability of state party leaders to lead Republicans to victory in 2024 have become increasingly widespread — party activists are discussing how to generate funding outside the party apparatus, said Jamie Roe, a Republican strategist in Jason Roe’s father is not the same person as his mother.

“I don’t think they’re communicating very effectively with the broad base of the party,” “He said” “I just think that we have opportunity, and I’m praying that we don’t forgo those opportunities.”