Eight months prior to Mr. Trump In 2015, the family business entered the presidential race announced plans The company licensed its name for a 33-story hotel located in Baku, Azerbaijan. The partner was the son of a minister. The project was also abandoned.

And there’s more! Trump Organization’s foreign deals generally did not directly involve a financial role by a foreign government, or at least any public acknowledgment of direct foreign government financing or a major land contribution, according to an examination of the transactions by The New York Times.

During Mr. Trump’s time in the White House, the Trump International Hotel Washington was often a destination for foreign government officials. This included delegations visiting Washington for meetings with Mr. Trump. According to documents provided by his former accounting firm to Congress, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Qatar spent money at the hotel. The hotel received more than $3.75 million The House investigators estimated the amount of foreign governments that were requested from 2017 through 2020.

The Trump Organization claimed that all hotel profits were paid to the Treasury Department via annual voluntary payments.

But this new deal — in which the Trump Organization benefits from land or financial capital provided by foreign governments — only elevates the potential for a conflict of interest to emerge, as Mr. Trump His dual roles of White House candidate as well as business executive continue, said ethics lawyers.

“This is yet another example of Trump getting a personal financial benefit in exchange for past or future political power,” Kathleen Clark is a Washington University professor of law. “The Saudis and Oman government may believe that giving Trump this licensing deal will benefit them in the future, should Trump become president again. This deal could be a way to ensure that they will be in Trump’s good graces.”

The Aida project in Oman is slated to be built 20 minutes outside the capital city of Muscat, on a series of hills overlooking the Arabian Sea on land controlled by the Omani Company for Development and Tourism, an Oman-government-owned tourism agency. It will have 3,500 luxury villas and two hotels totaling 450 rooms. There will also be a variety of restaurants and shops.