Donald the former President Trump He renewed his attack on Fox News On Monday, he accused the network of undermining his popularity in relation to Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis (R).

“FoxNews is promoting Ron DeSanctus so hard and so much that there’s not much time left for Real News,” Trump It was published on Truth Social. “The new Fox Poll, which have always been purposely terrible for me, has ‘TRUMP Crushing DeSanctimonious,’ but they barely show it.”

“Isn’t there a big, beautiful, Network which wants to do well, and make a fortune besides? FAKE NEWS!” He added.

Trump This was the meaning of a Fox News poll Published Sunday, showing him leading DeSantis By 15 points in hypothetical presidential face-off 2024. Apparently, the former president feels the network didn’t give enough airtime to the poll ― which was mentioned on air at least twice, according to Forbes.

Trump Has repeatedly lashed at Fox News Recent months have seen a significant shift in his support. While many of the network’s hosts continue to support him, some have become noticeably less sycophantic in the wake of the midterm elections. Rupert Murdoch, the network’s owner, has reportedly sought To distance himself from his media empire Trump Instead, he is turning to DeSantis, Trump’s potential rival for the 2024 Republican nomination.

And according to court documents released Monday, Murdoch admitted under oath during a deposition for Dominion Voting Systems’ lawsuit against the network last month that several Fox News Hosts had supported conspiracy theories that 2020 was rigged against Trump.

Trump Recently called Fox News A “RINO Network” After court filings in that case showed that executives and stars had called each other via text message, the Republican Party was declared to be only a name-only party. Trump’s 2020 election fraud lies “ludicrous,” “off the rails,” “mind blowingly nuts” They are publicly giving credence to their claims.

Fox News issued a statement Monday calling Dominion’s lawsuit an “extreme, unsupported view of defamation law.”

DeSantis While he has not yet announced that he would run for the presidency in 2024, there is widespread expectation that he will. Fox News’ hypothetical match-up showed Trump You are well ahead DeSantisNikki Haley was the only Republican not to be outpaced by. Trump She was happy to put her hand up in the ring.