Donald still hasn’t been convicted of any crimes despite the fact that nearly 1,000 Capitol rioters were charged. Trump They were praised this week “great patriots” Their prison sentences “a disgrace.”

However, he insisted on the fact that “virtually nothing happened” During the January. 6It was a minor insurrection at U.S. Capitol on ‘2021.

Former president was interviewed about the cable program that is far-right. “Real America’s Voice” Please say something to lift spirits on Friday “political prisoners” behind bars in the “gulag.”

“I think it’s a disgrace what’s been happening,” Trump responded. “So many of these people are great patriots, and what they’ve gone through. Then you look at antifa and BLM [Black Lives Matter]. You look at what’s gone on there, with what they’ve done in all sorts of places over the last … two years, where they’ve burned down cities.”

Antifa activists and Black Lives Matter have not yet set fire to any cities.

Trump also insisted the insurrection wasn’t “deadly” — “nobody died” Except for “wonderful” Ashli Bubbitt was also mentioned. A Officer fatally shot by police Trump As she, supporter attempted to climb through a smashed window A mob tried to reach the Capitol.

So, Trump noted, “virtually nothing happened” That day is today.

The Justice Department’s records show that 950 defendants The 2021 Capitol storming has led to several crimes including trespass, destruction and theft of Capitol property. Assault was also committed as well as carrying dangerous or deadly weapons to conspiring to commit seditious acts. In addition, some (*6*) defending the building and the lawmakers inside.

Trump He praised the rioters, even during the violence, and told them. “we love you, you’re very special,” In a video address, he requested they leave the Capitol. “I know your pain,” He said.

Trump Declared last September that he would “seriously” Consider “full pardons — with an apology” Jan. 6 If he becomes President again, defendants At the same time, he claimed that he had been “financially” They asked for your support and requested contributions.