Power has been an important driving force in Mr. Trump. He often gestures toward it in A simpler way to do this is by using in 2019 is the year when he will be declared to a cheering crowd, “I have an Article 2, where I have the right to do whatever I want as president.”

Mr. Trump The remark was made in Refer to the following: to His claimed abilities to Robert S. Mueller III is the Special Counsel. in He was enraged by the Russia investigation, which fueled his hatred for law enforcement agencies and intelligence services. Then he tried to Subordinates are able to get subordinates to The attempt to have Mr. Mueller removed was rebuffed.

Early in Mr. Trump’s presidency, his chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon, promised a “deconstruction of the administrative state.” What Mr. Trump Installation people in Other key positions who told him more radical ideas weren’t possible or legal. He told his aides that he had grown tired of being restricted by his subordinates in the last year of his presidential term.

Now, Mr. Trump It is outlining a much more expansive view of power in Any second term. And, in Contrary to the disorganized transition he made after his 2016 surprise victory, his policymaking is now supported by a large and well-funded infrastructure led by officials from his past who have remained loyal. to Overturning the 2020 elections and the attack on Capitol Hill in 2021.

People around Mr. Trump Have developed centers on his ability to bring independent agencies under control.

Congress has created these technocratic agencies and delegates their powers to them. to You can also use some of the power to Make rules for the society. It did this on condition that the power was not just handed over. to Presidents to wield like kings — putting commissioners atop them whom presidents appoint but generally cannot fire before their terms end, while using its control of their budgets to Keep them partially accountable to The same applies to legislators. The same applies to agency actions. to Court review.

Presidents of both parties have chafed at the agencies’ independence. Franklin D. Roosevelt created the majority of these agencies through his New Deal. endorsed A proposal in 1937 to Congress didn’t enact the idea to fold all of them into his cabinet department.