Donald Trump, Former President Trump Many of the “blame” for the Republican Party’s middling performance in last week’s midterm elections was “correct,” but he shrugged off concerns about the GOP’s power as he announced he will once again seek the White House in 2024.

“Much criticism is being placed on the fact that the Republican Party should have done better, and, frankly, much of this blame is correct,” He stated. “But the citizens of our country have not yet realized the full extent and gravity of the pain our nation is going through, and the total effect of the suffering is just starting to take hold.”

Former president added That he believed Republicans They were too optimistic in their hopes of a red wave and said that any win should make them happy. As votes are added, the party will likely win control of the U.S. House in a narrow victory.

Trump had long been expected to run again, but Tuesday’s announcement will set the stage for a long, and potentially full, race for the Republican nomination. There are several high-profile Republicans Florida Gov. is expected to be among those who throw their hats in the ring. Ron DeSantis, riding high following a huge reelection success last week, and former Vice-President Mike Pence, who stated Monday that he’s actively considering a bid.

Donald Trump, Former President Trump In a speech Tuesday night at his Mar-a-Lago club, Palm Beach, Florida, he announces his presidential candidacy.

ALON SKUY via Getty Images

Despite his two impeachments and ongoing criminal investigations, the former president retains significant power over large portions of the Republican Party. Some party leaders are beginning to see cracks in the GOP, and they are to blame. Trump His divisive politics for the poor was a strong showing in the midterm election.

TrumpOn Tuesday, however, he spoke out in praise of his brand, pointing out the hundreds upon hundreds of midterm candidates who had his endorsement, and won their races. He didn’t mention that many of those candidates in competitive races lost.

During Tuesday’s event, Trump reiterated his endorsement of Herschel Walker, who is running for Georgia’s U.S. Senate seat and will compete against Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock in a runoff on Dec. 6.