It was It is not a must-see TV.

Donald Trump’s prime-time declaration to run for president for the third straight time was Network news outlets ignored and ran only partial reports on CNN and Fox News Channel

The 76-year-old president ended months of speculation and declared his intention to return to his job in front of thousands of supporters at Mar-a-Lago.

However, a week after 22 Republican midterm candidates endorsed by the would-be GOP kingmaker lost their elections, the nation’s three major television networks took a pass on The historic announcement Reality crime dramas and reality dating shows were broadcast. according to The Washington Post.

Political observers who surfed the airwaves in hopes of catching the 76-year-old’s speech instead saw programs like “Bachelor in Paradise” on ABC and science fiction drama “La Brea” on NBC.

Mar-a-Lago was featured on all the broadcast news channels’ evening newscasts. This happened several hours before Trump got on the mic.

Broadcast television news networks received a pass on the former president’s third straight bid for the White House.
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Trump and his wife Melania at Tuesday's anonuncement
As Trump spoke to his supporters at Mar-a-Lago at 9:00 p.m. Tuesday, prime-time programming filled the airwaves.
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On cable, CNN – which was criticized in 2016 for covering the nascent candidate’s rowdy rallies in full — carried the first 25 minutes of the announcement before breaking away to cover the fatal missile attack in Poland, while Fox also cut away from the hour-plus-long speech before it concluded, according to the report.

CNN’s relative snub came just days after Trump bizarrely declared that the news channel should go conservative and “only have me on.”

MSNBC chose not to preempt “Alex Wagner Tonight,” Newsmax is now the only high-profile far-right outlet. cable Network that broadcast the entire speech.

A rep for the controversial Republican, who is the subject of multiple federal criminal investigations, said Trump’s reduced airtime was An act of suppression

“They don’t want the American people to hear directly from the biggest leader of the greatest political movement in our history, so I do suspect they will try to censor and cut away,” Liz Harrington told Real America’s Voice.

The speech was CSPAN and others streamed the entire program online.

Trump promised to make it happen in his rambling speech. “America great and glorious against,” He repeated many of his false, divisive claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him.

He brushed off his party’s surprisingly poor performance in last week’s midterm contest, in which the GOP failed to challenge the Democrat’s thin majority in the Senate and were on Track to narrowly win the House in spite of predictions of a “red wave.”

“Nancy Pelosi has been fired,” Trump declared. “I said, ‘If you win by two seats, be happy.’”