He lost his first fight with the 29-year old the organization, and has since been on an expedition to capture the crown – and says there is Simple guiding principle Behind everything he does.

“Trust your heart. Trust your coach, trust your team, and trust your game plan,” He explains. “Every day I say God help me, please. I wake up, every day I go train.  Trust your life and trust your heart and every day you wake up and go train.”

Gameplan and the process for Allazov This was an extremely long journey with a large amateur record. the pro game. This is A fighter who has done his duty and is Now, you are delivering on a lifetime’s worth of sacrifice and hard work.

“Yes, I have a long amateur career. I am a five-time world champion in Muay Thai in WMC, in other promotions. Yes, I have many amateur fights but for me before maybe I fight 5-10 fights in one month, it’s normal. We have more than 200, maybe 250 fights. I lost only three fights in pro. I fight before in kickboxing, kickboxing, and MMA together. You have many fights and after you go professional, you change your style and everything is okay. You know this is good for the young fighters. This is good for your career, this is good.”

And all the while Allazov Although he is an expert in Muay Thai and has many years of experience, he does not have an interest in learning more. the Moment to target a second title as well as a possible superfight against Tawanchai. 

“I like Muay Thai, I like elbows, I like knees, I like clinching, we make this, my team, I started my career in Muay Thai, not kickboxing,” He said. “After I go up in K1, I changed my style a bit and trained only with K1, fighting only at K1. But for This is me is A different style is possible. 

“Maybe Tawanchai wants to come to my weight, and fight with me in kickboxing, no problem. Welcome! I say, I like this. This is welcome, I said it before. Welcome to Bangkok. But me going to Muay Thai is another situation. I don’t like it, maybe, I won’t focus 100 percent on this style. I don’t like fighting in other styles.”

No matter what his next step in 2023 will be, Chingiz Allazov It is certain to be one of the most. the The hottest properties ONE.