ANKARA: Turkey Launched a temporary wage support Plan and Layoffs in Tuesday’s 10th city was chosen to help workers and their businesses avoid the negative financial consequences of the earthquakes which struck the South of the Country earlier in the month.
This is part of an effort by the Turkish government to reduce the economic effects of its policies. Turkey”The worst” earthquake in The modern world has witnessed a number of deaths in its recent history.
Workplaces of employees “heavily or moderately damaged” This would be a great benefit to support To partially pay wages for workers who had their hours cut, the country Official Gazette Made Wednesday.
Also, layoffs were banned in 10 earthquakeProvinces that are in crisis have been declared in a state emergency
Turkish Parliament After President’s request, the State of Emergency was declared for three months starting February 7. Tayyip Erdogan.
Additionally, the government provided salary support A layoff ban was imposed in 2020 in This is an effort to lessen the economic damage caused by COVID-19.
Economists and business groups have stated the following: earthquake Ankara may have to spend as much as $100 billion on infrastructure repair and reconstruction. This could reduce the country’s economic growth rate by just one or two percentage points.