The client isn’t back online because of anything that Twitter did, though. Tweetbot co-creator Paul Haddad tells The Verge that they still haven’t heard anything from Twitter, so they’ve “decided to start using new API keys and see if it fixes the problem.” It could be a way to allow Tweetbot To temporarily prevent disruptions to service.working state.

As stated by iOS developers Mysk, Tweetbot is likely having issues because it’s using different API keys that put significantly lower limits on its activity. “Twitter API restricts new apps to low limits,” Mysk explains. “All Tweetbot users now share a limit of 300 posts per 15 minutes.”

Users noticed last Thursday that their access to Twitter third-party apps was restricted. TweetbotTwitterific and Fenix’s Android version. Despite widespread confusion, Twitter and CEO Elon Musk have yet to acknowledge the outage publicly, nor have they reached out to developers to let them know what’s going on. Twitterific on Android and Fenix are both still in suspended status.

Based on a report from The InformationTwitter might have intentionally disabled third party apps. A senior software engineer stated that Twitter had caused the outage in internal messages. is “intentional.” Another message reportedly says Twitter’s getting ready to issue statements to developers affected by the outage, although it’s unclear when that’ll be ready.