But that’s not why I think it’s time to retire the “tweet.” It was something I wanted to keep. I thought it was clearly moving away from the company that adopted it. I was arguing with you. should All microblogs are called call posts Avoid this goofy cycle by tweeting instead of using toots skeets threets now xeets. The name is slowly disappearing from social media “tweet” It feels like an era that is fading away.

The word meant was be It is a short thing. It is remarkable for its conciseness. Roger Ebert compared the 140 character blog with poetry in a Tweet due to the necessity of its brevity. Now if you pay enough you can have up to 4,000 characters in a Tweet, or you can get 500 characters for free on Threads, nearly five times Twitter’s original character limit. There is no need to be So economical with your language.

The real reason why we should stop using the term microblog posts tweets isn’t because the microblog itself is slowly shedding its micro or because X is changing the Tweet button. We have to stop using it because I’ve really tried for the last few weeks since I called For us to all call them Tweets was awful. “Hey did you see that Thread tweet” Sounds sillier to me than “hey did you see that Thread post” when its a 500-character screed about someone’s Diablo IV build. Ditto for “Can you believe what that lady tweeted on Mastodon?”

We will have to be patient. “post”. It’s not as fun, it doesn’t do anything to someone’s trademark, and it won’t as neatly explain a situation as “the President just tweeted.” But at least it’s easy to say.