Twitter The company will stop allowing users to Promote their presence via certain social platforms like Facebook, Instagram Mastodon Truth Social Tribel and Nostr and Post. Post. a post outlining these changes, Twitter Says it will enforce this policy against any users found to be in violation “at both the Tweet level and the account level.”

The user can’t include anymore links to You can view their profiles other Social networks are an integral part of their Twitter They cannot send tweets to users directing them, bio to You can check their Instagram or Facebook profiles. The policy doesn’t just include links Starting at other Platforms are also available; they even go beyond to Post usernames and handles on other platforms that don’t have URLs.

Additionally, users can no longer tweet out posts from banned platforms unless it’s a cross-post, meaning the same post has to Share to The site is also available on the other side and Twitter. Twitter You may also be able to suspend your account “used for the main purpose of promoting content on another social platform,” and The company will stop allowing users to Link to Linktree, and other third-party link aggregaters are examples of these. However all this, Twitter It is fine to pay for promotion on these banned platforms, but this feature may be restricted. doesn’t seem to be available yet):

Certain social media platforms offer alternative experiences, which we recognize to Twitter, and Allow users to Post content to Twitter You can find these platforms. Any type of cross-posting is allowed. to Our platform doesn’t violate any of the above policies, not even from prohibited websites. Additionally, we allow paid advertisement/promotion for any of the prohibited social media platforms.

Twitter Tweets that violate the policy will be removed and Users could be temporarily suspended links to It has banned users from using social media platforms on their profile. It will take legal action against those who are trying to access social media platforms. to You can circumvent this policy by hiding URLs to other Platforms or “spelling out “dot” For social media platforms that are used ‘.’ In the names to avoid URL creation, or sharing screenshots of your handle on a prohibited social media platform.”

Telegram and TikTok are other platforms. YouTube and Weibo are also available. and OnlyFans are safe with the Twitter Ban for Now and Motivation behind banning links to Certain networks and not others isn’t clear.

Twitter Already blocks links to Twitter Mastodon competition at the platform level Try to Send a tweet with a link to An error message is displayed on several Mastodon servers and the site itself. “We can’t complete this request because this link has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially harmful.” We don’t know whether Twitter Eventually, it will be disabled links You can access banned sites in the same way but users seem to still be able to Post links You can find these networks.

As a response to Twitter Support’s thread about the new policy, former Twitter The CEO Jack Dorsey, replied “Why?” Dorsey recently donated around $245,000 to The development of Nostr the social network decentralized, included in Twitter’s ban. Dorsey says Twitter’s block on the network “doesn’t make sense,” and Right now, his Nostr username can be found in his Twitter bio which could lead to his suspension. The Verge Reached out to Twitter for more information about its new policies but didn’t immediately hear back.

This all This week is chaotic. Twitter that saw the suspension of numerous journalists — including CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan and The New York Times’ Ryan Mac — after they tweeted about @ElonJet, a now-banned Twitter account that tracked the location of the billionaire’s private jet. Musk asserts that journalists are his. “doxxed” His location and Later Twitter Adopt a policy bans “live location information,” Also available: “links to 3rd-party URL(s) of travel routes.” Musk reinstated the majority of banned accounts, after polling users about whether they should be. Twitter should be lifted from their suspensions. The Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz for “prior doxxing action.”

Update, 2:39PM ET: Updated to add Dorsey’s response and Additional context regarding his investment in Nostr.