Twitter Today announced It Twitter Blue Relaunching subscription option Monday $8 per month on The web and $11 per month through the iOS app The price is higher on iOS helps to offset the 15% to 30% cut that Apple receives from subscriptions paid through the App Store — a fee that Twitter Elon Musk criticised the price of his property as too high.

Twitter Blue A blue checkmark will appear next to subscribers’ names, but only after they verify that their number is correct. and Their account has been reviewed. Additional perks include the ability edit tweets and Upload 1080p video with higher resolution and Reader Mode allows you to quickly read tweet threads. Subscribers that change their username, profile photo, or display name will temporarily lose their blue checkmark until they are reviewed again.

Twitter Paused. Blue Last month subscriptions increased after accounts with blue checksmarks were used to impersonate celebrities and businesses. and Others with high profile careers. To get a blue-checkmark, you had to spend $8.

Twitter Also, it was announced that it will start replacing the “Official” Label for brands and Other notable accounts have a gold checkmark to be used by businesses and a gray checkmark to be used for government. and Multilateral accounts will start rolling out later in this week.

A photo shared by Twitter This is what the evidence shows. Blue Subscribers will eventually see half the ads of non-subscribers. They also have the ability to post longer videos and prioritize tweets in the replies section. and search, and You will have early access and use of other features that are added over time. All these perks are listed below “coming soon.”

Twitter Has not indicated when accounts were verified previously without subscribing Blue They will lose their blue checkmark.