Due to further delays this week some of the former Twitter Employees finally got their official recognition severance After months, agreements for Saturdays of According to several sources, anticipation is possible. The compensation offered is however much lower than what many expectedThe emails have landed, in Spam folders

After Elon Musk assumed control of The social media giant in About three-fourths of October in late Oktober of the company’s staff of 7,500 were let go in A number of them of cuts. Musk tweeted that The affected persons would be offered assistance. “3 months of severance compensation.” Previous Twitter leadership pledged to offer at least two months’ worth of severance Pay as well as performance bonuses and prorated, as well as extended visa support, cash for continued health care, and the cash value of According to The Los Angeles Times.

As we reported previously, today’s agreements provide lay-off employees. in United States one month of Base pay severance. Those let go in November was kept on the payroll. Due to the requirements they were paid their regular salary for the 60 previous days. of The federal WARN Act requires companies to give 60 days notice prior to mass layoffs. Although those workers had been barred from the company’s internal systems since November, they were formally let go on January 4 in Conform to the law

What’s more, employees will not be receiving their prorated performance bonuses, according to Twitter’s severance Material viewed by The Sunday Review. Sources said that COBRA money was given to some employees as a way of continuing their healthcare.

“I mean I expected him to f**k us (he did),” Affected employee wrote to The Sunday Review. “This is about 1/3 of what he contractually owes us based on his purchase agreement.”

Although employees were given two months’ pay during a “non-working” period to comply with the federal WARN Act, a lawyer for two class-action lawsuits against Twitter So, it was claimed that the money should be excluded in Actual severance Paid to employees The Los Angeles Times reported.

Multiple sources said that not everyone affected employees got their agreements. The Sunday Review. CPT Group, a third-party provider of services, is sending the agreements. in lieu of inServices for HR in-house It’s not yet clear why only some have received their agreements, but many We have worked hard to find the right agreements in According to sources, they have a spam folder.

Some sources have raised concerns about some of the hiccups in It was also a lengthy process. The agreements were sent today to those who had signed them. They received a login that allowed them access to a specific domain. However, the domain was already set up approximately 5 hours prior. severance agreements went out and doesn’t have Twitter’s name in it, causing many You will be led to believe it was a phishing scam.

After logging in Viewing their photographs severance Former employees can sign an agreement or choose to leave the company. of According to an unnamed source, the agreement was reached.

A FAQ page is included on the website that informs affected employees they can expect payment in 45 days. of They have signed an agreement. Downloadable “Additional FAQs” Document confirms that no performance bonuses will be given to employees. in There will be March. “no negotiation of the agreement or the severance amount listed.”

As many As high as 5500 people laid off Twitter Employees were scheduled to receive the official severance agreements, The Sunday Review Previous reports.

The Sunday Review Reached out Twitter I reached out to you outside regular business hours and did not get a reply immediately.