Two Two teenage boys died from bullet wounds in Atlanta police said that on Saturday, a fight broke out over social media and left at least three others injured.

A report was received by officers that multiple persons had been shot at an apartment block 14 miles west of Atlanta. At approximately 5:09 PM, the Atlanta Police Department responded. According to Atlanta, the Atlanta police found the bodies of two boys aged 14 and 16. Police Department.

Authorities said that a boy of 11 years, a girl aged 15 and a boy age 15 were also shot. They were then taken to the local hospital.

“It appears several victims were taken to the hospital by private vehicle, prior to police arriving on scene,” According to the police in They added that they continued to collect information about the number of victims.

a news conference on Saturday eveningCharles Hampton Jr. is the Atlanta’s deputy chief. Police Department “there was some type of dispute on social media that escalated to gunfire.” He claimed that one set of teenage boys had entered the apartment with guns while another set had fired weapons.

“Both parties had weapons,” Hampton stated that the dispute began inside the apartment and then moved outside. “multiple people were shooting.” He claimed that investigators into homicide have been conducting interviews with detectives and the investigation is ongoing.

Hampton stated that at most two of the people involved were students from Atlanta Public Schools. Atlanta Public Schools declined to comment immediately on Saturday evening.

Atlanta’s crime rate has risen rapidly in It was the heart of recent years. city’s 2021 mayoral raceResidents became tired of the violence and decided to move on. Atlanta Police There are many departments recorded 157 homicides So far in this year. This year, there were 161 murders in 2021; 157 homicides in 2020 will be a 60% jump on 2019, according to police data.

“It’s just too many guns in the hands of our youth,” Hampton was appointed Deputy Chief. “This should be a time that we are getting ready for the holidays. But we have at least two families that will be planning for funerals.”