ESPN pays U.F.C. hundreds of millions each year to Show your support and Its most significant corporate partner. He made a statement, but didn’t say much more. White.

“Endeavor, the parent company, no comment. ESPN, the broadcast partner, no comment. U.F.C., no comment,” On Wednesday, Dan Le Batard, an ex-host of ESPN, stated these words on his podcast. He also added: “Like, no you’re not going to get change that way. You’re going to be OK with a video of a very powerful man slapping his wife a couple of times, if it is no comment, no comment, no comment from the powerful people in charge of policing this stuff.”

Shares of Endeavor, a publicly traded company, fell Tuesday They were online on Wednesday, however, after the video was posted. and Thursday. Thursday. to the company’s financial filings, “owned sports properties,” which is largely made up of the U.F.C., accounted for a third of Endeavor’s revenue in the third quarter of 2022.

ESPN and ESPN: The Relationship and The U.F.C. is unique. 2018 ESPN was the first to agree. to Pay the U.F.C. Over five years, $1.5 billion to Show 30 events each year. ESPN was established one year later. and The U.F.C. reached an agreement for ESPN’s streaming service. reached an agreement for ESPN’s streaming service to exclusively distribute the U.F.C.’s pay-per-view fights. The deal’s value was not disclosed.

This makes ESPN the U.F.C.’s largest single source of revenue. But, crucially, ESPN doesn’t control U.F.C. content unlike many of its agreements with leagues. broadcasts. U.F.C. The U.F.C. produces their own events and hires its own producers, cameramen, and producers and commentators, and ESPN broadcasts the feed. ESPN uses this more distant relationship to to avoid a variety of U.F.C. controversies including this one. It claimed that the U.F.C. is its only distribution.

But that also means ESPN, which prides itself on its large newsroom of independent journalists, won’t control what its viewers hear and See more White During the U.F.C. The broadcast will be on Jan. 14 at 14. These viewers will instead hear and See what the U.F.C. See what the U.F.C. decides to broadcast.

ESPN’s coverage of the video has been heavily criticised in the weeks since it was published.

Stephen A. Smith, ESPN’s biggest star, addressed the slap Wednesday morning on the broadcaster’s biggest show, “First Take.” Before he claimed that there are never circumstances in which a man could touch a woman before apparently doing damage control, he said. White.