It was a painful setback for American rugby, the U.S. Men failed to qualify for 2023 World Cup France won the match in France 16-16 against Portugal in Dubai, Friday.

The World Cup It is one of the rare occasions that rugby gets mainstream attention here in the United States. The event will now continue without the American team.

Although the U.S. has not performed as well as it could, World Cup — its overall record is 3-22 — it has almost always managed at least to You can get there. The United States was qualified for The six most recent years World Cups and eight out of nine total. Portugal had qualified for The Cup Once before, in 2007.

Portugal was ranked 18th worldwide and the United States 19th. So a close game seemed probable. So it was in the first half. The game ended at 10-9. to Portugal. Three penalty kicks by A.J., the fly half and team captain of America, resulted in American points. MacGinty. Portugal’s came from a penalty plus the half’s lone try, by Raffaele Storti, scored while the Americans had a man in rugby’s equivalent of the penalty box, the “sin bin.”

Portugal extended its lead with a penalty in the second half, but the U.S. scored a goal. Kapeli Peifeleti pulled it through the goal line after a long period of play. for A try was made and the U.S. led 16-13.

It was billed as a clash of powerful Portugal and speedy Portugal. U.S.A. The U.S. defense was strong and methodical. to The Portuguese flair was not defeated. Importantly, the U.S. didn’t add to Its lead.

Portugal was the ace of the hole. It retained the tiebreaker, meaning that if the game ended with a draw, it would advance. Portugal had one last chance to win a penalty kick, but there was no time left. to This tie is possible. Samuel Marques converted the kick at 35 meters. At 16-16, the game was over and the U.S. was out. World Cup.

It was the last chance for the game. for The Americans to Earn a berth. The first was against Uruguay in October 2021. However, the U.S. lost this two-game series by 50 to 34.

The U.S. had a second chance against Chile in July and it looked great. to After winning the away game by one point, they were in good shape. The U.S. lost the Glendale match by 2 points to surprise them. They had previously led the 19-0 game. Chile had never qualified before. for The Cup.

The importance of qualification was all the more apparent for Because the U.S. is scheduled to Host the 2031 World CupAmerican rugby fans believe that this will be a significant lift. to It is a state sport.

The U.S. had defeated Hong Kong and Kenya by 96 points earlier in the Dubai last-chance qualifier. Portugal won the match by just a bit more with 113 points. This was the difference between a trip and a loss. to The World Cup It took four years to get the approval.