More approvals have been granted by the United States arms sales to TaiwanIncludes $619 million Do you think the F-16 fighter planes would be worth using munitions? to Yet another reason to friction Between the U.S. ChinaThe island is claimed by the, who claim it as their own territory.

In a Wednesday evening statement, the State Department stated that it approved missile sales to Use with Both the F-16s, as well as their equipment to Support missiles. This includes AGM-88 anti-radiation weapons, and air-to-air missiles.toLaunchers and air missiles

Taiwan It is not officially supported by America and owns a fleet F-16s that it purchased from the U.S.

Tensions among China The U.S. and China are at the highest point in their history over American support of the island’s self-governing government. This includes visits from high-ranking politicians and other matters, such as a Chinese spy balloon, which crossed into the U.S. and was shot down last month.

China Consider these factors Taiwan A portion of their territory to the force necessary to bring it under its control. It has also been increasing its diplomatic and military intimidation. In 1949, civil war erupted between the two sides. China’s authoritarian Communist Party has never held sway over the island.

The United States of America is Taiwan’s main supplier of military equipment, and China Has objected to past sales with Sanctions and other actions

Once arms Sales are approved. However, it can take many years to deliver them. Taiwan Constant delays in the receipt of weapons purchased by it have been mentioned.

The arms Raytheon Missiles and Defense and Lockheed Martin Corporation provide the services.

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