Ubisoft Previously announced in September, that any Ubisoft Titles purchased Transfers to cloud gaming platforms would be possible PCPromises to Share “specific details as well as the impact for Ubisoft+ subscribers at a later date.” 9to5Google now reports The migration started quietly in December 16th.

Games that support cloud cross-save may have saved game data ported over to a user’s Ubisoft Create a Connect account

Some users have witnessed the licenses for their games automatically transferred to them. PC via Ubisoft Instead of individual game codes being manually assigned, Connect means that you can connect. users Will need to link their Ubisoft and Google Stadia accounts, but it’s not apparent what exactly is An activation of the game transfer. 

Some Reddit users Report that not all Ubisoft Spiel purchased For Stadia They have migrated to them Ubisoft Register for Connect. It’s also worth noting that only a limited number of Ubisoft games support cloud cross-save, so saved game data isn’t guaranteed to be ported over to Ubisoft All titles are available on Connect

There’s no wOrd from Google or Ubisoft Yet, there are questions about the impact of these automatic games transfers on refunds. Stadia gamesSubscription fees, add-ons, or services. There’s also nothing to indicate which games Your Ubisoft The Connect library has been moved over StadiaThe nor is Is there notification alerting? users A transfer occurred.