LONDON: Climate Change activists Celebrity chef Gordon RamsayThree-star Michelin restaurant Saturday night in London, calling for a complete overhaul of the UK’s food system.
Fourteen members “Animal Rebellion” Enter Restaurant Gordon Ramsay At around 6:00pm (GMT) in Chelsea, SW London, guests sat down at tables set aside for them.
They created mocked menus that outlined the environmental impacts of the dishes they were offering in the restaurant. restaurantThen, he left as soon as the establishment was closed.
“This luxury restaurant epitomises the inequality we face in the UK right now, as well as denial of the severity of the Climate Crisis,” The group also tweeted.
“We need a dramatic shift in the UK’s food system, and we all need to take responsibility for that,” It was also added.
Restaurant spokesperson Gordon Ramsay said: “Everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs.
“To force your way to a restaurantDisturbing hardworking staff to do their job and ruining guests’ evenings who have waited for months is extremely inappropriate and deeply disrespectful.”
Activist Lucia Alexander called for a “Transition to a plant-based diet”.
“A plant-based food system uses 75 percent less farmland than traditional animal farming, which allows us to feed millions more people.”
London’s Metropolitan Police said they had been called to the restaurant, but that no arrests were made.
“There were officers present. The restaurant Protesters fled and the area was sealed off. A spokesman said that there were no arrests.