Sergei Shoigu (Russian) defence ministerIt was made from a rare visit to occupied Ukraine in the midst of a poor performance RussiaThe Wagner mercenary organization, which is a well-known paramilitary ally, has been repelled by the renewed military offensive. Shoigu The tour was organized by occupied Mariupol is a southern Ukrainian city. to Russian officials release videos and statements defence Ministry Monday. He also visited the Russian military base in Saturday in the eastern Donetsk area Shoigu’s visit to Ukraine came days after Yevgeny PrigozhinWagner’s chief executive, RussiaShoigu’s paramilitary forces were the largest in Japan. He criticized Shoigu and his senior commanders for not being in touch with real frontline realities and prioritizing political performance over military performance. After a year of fighting, in UkraineAccording to Western officials, Russian troops have suffered serious losses. They lost close to 200,000 soldiers or were wounded. There are also thousands of tanks, armored vehicles, and other weapons that were destroyed or taken by Western forces. Ukraine. Defense ministry video footage showed Shoigu, a stone-faced man looking through maps and talking to the camera to subordinates in Ukraine. Many of the somber scenes in this film were muted. in contrast to Prigozhin’s histrionic frontline videos dispatches in He paraded Ukrainian soldiers of war to the roof of the bombed-out building and challenged the Ukrainian president to A duel with an airborne fighter plane and oversaw the loading of coffins containing what he said were fallen Ukrainian soldiers.