Numerous of people joined Virginia’s football Saturday, team, coaches, and staff in Three honors players Last weekend, they were gunned down as they returned home from a field trip.

Lavel Davis Jr., D’Sean Perry and Devin Chandler were remembered during a memorial service in Charlottesville was a great teammate who smiled constantly and tried to brighten people’s lives of They are surrounded by others, including fellow players Other students and fans.

“Only time will reveal God’s purpose in this adversity. … Going forward I’m confident that all three are rejoicing in paradise, speaking good things on behalf of each of us in preparation for the time we will all be together again,” Tony Elliott was Tony Elliott’s first-year coach.

To the family members, and friends seated in Elliott added the following to the first two rows: “I am grateful for your willingness to share your family’s gifts with all of us.”

University of Virginia football Tony Elliott, the coach, speaks during memorial service John Paul Jones Arena on Nov. 19.

Carla Williams, Athletic Director, shared stories from her family this week of The players The tragedy was recited. “has pushed me to my limits.”

“We are better and will do better because we will make sure their legacies never fade at the University of Virginia,” She made a vow, telling the families. “We loved your sons.”

The service at John Paul Jones Arena came on A day that the Cavaliers were scheduled to play No. 23 Coastal Carolina instead, and chose to honor their fallen teammates as also injured player Mike Hollins (and another student who was killed).

Gospel singer CeCe at John Paul Jones Arena
Gospel singer CeCe Winans sings during a memorial service John Paul Jones Arena on Nov. 19.

Cece Winans (a Grammy-winning gospel singer) was one of the presenters. The school stated that she was asked to participate. She sang “Goodness of God.”

Participation was enjoyed by several Cavaliers. Justin Duenkel, a placekicker, offered an opening prayer. Hunter Stewart, a linebacker read the Langston Hughes poem. “Life is Fine” Jack Camper, defensive end of the team, said the final prayer. Administrators and their teammates were there in between. of The slain Men shared stories and reflections about themselves. football brothers.

Perry was “destined to be great in everything he did,” defensive tackle Aaron Faumui said. Perry was a frequent reminder of him, he said. “life was more important than football.”

Chandler, whom Williams referred as in a letter, was addressed to. “a dancing machine,” Cody Brown stated that “you lit our lives up like a shining star in the sky” And so it was. “We love you so much and know you’re smiling down on us from heaven.”

Marques Hagans, coach of Davis, stated that Davis had a humble smile and a radiant face. “determined to be a great example for his younger sister and brother.”

Chico Bennett, Chico’s teammate, offered a message to Hollins, Marlee Morgan and the injured student. of Who was it? in attendance: “We love you. We got you. The journey begins.”

Community members attend a memorial service on Saturday, Nov. 19, 2022, at John Paul Jones Arena
Community members pay their respects outside the John Paul Jones Arena for the deaths of three people last weekend on Nov. 19.

University of Virginia Athletic Director Carla Williams, left, and football coach Tony Elliott wipe tears from their eyes during a memorial service
University of Virginia Carla Williams is the Athletic Director. football Coach Tony Elliott wipes away tears during the memorial service on Nov. 19.

A family member of a shooting victim mourns during a memorial service in Charlottesville, Va., Saturday, Nov. 19, 2022.
A family member of A shooting victim grieves during the memorial service in Charlottesville on Nov. 19.

A person places a flower on a memorial before a memorial service in Charlottesville, Va., Saturday, Nov. 19, 2022.
A person puts a flower. on You can find more information at memorial Before the memorial service on Nov. 19.

Kicker Will Bettridge shared this once. on Perry said to Perry that he would tell his child to play the position, as kickers have so few things to do.

“A piece of my life was taken from me and from the Cavaliers community,” Bettridge spoke.

University President Jim Ryan stated that the shootings were a result of human error. “changed our world” While he and others will be sad for the students not being able to play the games, “we will find strength again together.”

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin and his wife Suzanne Youngkin greet a University of Virginia football player before a memorial service
Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin and Suzanne Youngkin greet you at a University of Virginia football Player before the memorial service on Nov. 19.

The players They were killed on Sunday, following a field trip in Washington, D.C. Virginia football Christopher Darnell Jones Jr., player, faces three counts of Second-degree murder, and other charges. The shootings triggered a 12-hour manhunt. campus Jones was captured before Jones was released.

During the almost two-hour long interview, the suspect was not mentioned. service.

Mourners are allowed in One hour before the scheduled starting time of The service Heard musical performances by school choirs and the MLK Community Choir. Photos of The players As children and in Take action on The field scrolled across videoboard.