NEW HAVEN: Five Connecticut police officers were charged Monday, misdemeanors for their treatment of a Black man after He was paralysed Start at the chest. in The back of an police van.
Randy CoxA 36-year old man was being driven from New Haven to New Haven. police Station June 19, for processing on a weapon charge. The driver braked hard to avoid a collision, apparently in an effort to avoid one. Cox To fly headfirst into a wall of the van, police said.
Cox begged for help and said he couldn’t move. Some of the officers He was mocked and accused of being drunk and pretending to have suffered injuries. The next thing was, the officers He was dragged by his feet away from the van He was placed in A holding cell before his eventual transfer into a hospital.
The New Haven’s five New Havens police officers were charged With second-degree reckless endangerment or cruelty to persons
The officers Turned themselves in At a state police Monday at the barracks Each one was processed and posted a $25,000 bond. They are due back in According to a news release by the state, December 8th was the court date police. Attorneys were contacted to request comment. officers.
This case has been compared to the Freddie Gray case and drawn outrage from civil right advocates such as the NAACP in Baltimore. Gray, who was also Black, died in 2015 after While handcuffed, he sustained a spinal injury. in A city police van.
Five officers They were placed on administrative leaves in Cox’s case. Cox’s case was dropped by the state after which he was released. in The van. These included illegal firearm possession and threatening.
New Haven officials have announced a series police This summer, reforms resulting from the case included the removal of police Vans for most prisoner transportations and marking police Vehicles instead. They also require officers If the prisoner is in need of medical assistance, call an ambulance immediately.