Written by Issy Ron, The Sunday Review

To the first time everThe United States of America has now returned to a looted antiquity to The Palestinian Authority Iron Age ivory “cosmetic spoon” This is just over 3,000 years ago.
US And Palestinian Officials attended the ceremony marking the historic repatriation of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Bethlehem on Thursday, to Statements by the US Office of Palestinian The official and affairs Palestinian News & Information Agency (WAFA).

US And Palestinian Representatives met in Bethlehem, Thursday for The historic repatriation Credit: Ministry of Tourism

The history of the cosmetic spoon goes back to The date was approximately 800-700 BCE. to Place incense into fires for offering to The gods or dead? A statement by Manhattan District Attorney (DA) was added.

Palestinian Rula Maayah Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, was there and said that the artifact had been donated to the museum. “acquires its real scientific and archaeological value in its authentic location.”

“Based on information from the US side, the investigations they conducted showed that the artifact was stolen from Khirbet al-Koum area in Hebron,” She added.

Chief of the US Office of Palestinian George Noll from the Department of Affairs was present as well. He stated that the repatriation has been completed. “a historic moment between the American and Palestinian people and a demonstration of our belief in the power of cultural exchanges in building mutual understanding, respect and partnership.”

After a multi-national criminal investigation, the Manhattan DA Office’s into confiscated the ivory cosmetic spoon. US billionaire Michael Steinhardt.

Steinhardt turned over 180 stolen relics in an amount of $70million and was willing to comply. to An “unprecedented” The Sunday Review reported that a lifetime ban was placed on antiquities acquisitions in December 2021. time.

Investigators discovered that Steinhardt had ancient art from the top of the list. looted Artifacts were smuggled from 11 countries by 12 criminal network, according to to A statement from the DA’s office.

Andrew J. Levander (Steinhardt) and Theodore V. Wells Jr. made the following statement to Sunday Review at The time Their client was happy that the DA had closed their investigation without making any charges “and that items wrongfully taken by others will be returned to their native countries.”

The Manhattan DA returned many of them since then. looted Artifacts including one worth $1.2 Million antiquity to Libyan artifacts and two other items to Iraqi Antiquities Valued at $5 Million in January 2022 to Israel March 2022, and 58 antiques to Italy, 21 of which were seized by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in September 2022.