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Ubisoft’s Valiant Hearts: Coming HomeExclusively launching is the sequel to an affecting game about World War I called ‘The Game of a Lifetime’ on Netflix on January 31.

This sequel is the multi-award winning Valiant Hearts: The Great War is one of the three first mobile games. Netflix Ubisoft and Ubisoft will exclusively bring to Netflix.

This was set during World War I. Valiant Hearts: Coming Home The heartfelt narrative story of four heroes, who struggle with the horrors of war. This game is about friendship and sacrifice.

The first game I played was the one that I won. Valiant It was called Hearts: the Great War when it first came out in 2014. This heartbreaking tale is a fitting tribute to World War I’s historical context. The comic art was lighthearted, but the Great War’s subject matter was serious. 


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This second video is dedicated to the Harlem Hellfighters. They were the first African-American infantry units to participate in World War I. Valiant Hearts: Coming HomeDirected by the core group from Valiant Hearts The Great War is a combination of action and puzzles as you navigate through the story of brotherhood.

You can be an unhero in the game. In this sequel to World War I-inspired adventure games, you can solve mysteries, pilot above chaos and help the sick. The First World War is raging onTwo brothers battle to survive in the trenches, and then find one another again. The paths of these two brothers will be crossed by new heroes. They’ll share the joy of coming together and beating the terrors of WW2.

It will be a sequel that follows the same path as the first game. This sequel will tell the stories of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary World War I circumstances. The animations are the same as in the original title. You can find it in a variety of environments, from deep under the sea to high above the clouds to trenches on the Western Front. The experience can be artistically unforgettable.

Valiant The Great War: Hearts from 2014.

You’ll be able to play any of four heroes. You can assist each character in the survival of the trenches with their canine friend, as their fates cross.

It will feature a mixture of action, exploration and puzzles. You can experience different types of gameplay as you progress through the story — solve puzzles, sneak through enemy lines, fly above the chaos, heal the wounded and even play music. 

You aim to live through the Great War. This fictional tale will take you back to historical battles and locations from World War I. You will be able to emerge from the water and enter the Jutland Naval Battle, relive Meuse-Argonne’s offensive and finally experience the much-awaited Armistice relief. 

The most fascinating part is the information you will find about World War I. You can find historical facts as well authentic photographs that provide information on key events from these turbulent times. on The Harlem Hellfighters

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