Vermont state trooper After he was alleged to have swiped from a woman, he was banned. Rolex Watches and other valuables from An evidence roomAccording to documents and authorities.

Trooper Giancarlo DiGenova Recused from the thefts and placed on leave dec. 19, 2022 from Temporary evidence Storage room, state Policing announced last week.

On Nov. 22, Narcotics investigators and Burlington Police took possession of the missing property. from A person being held according to VT Digger, citing court documents.

The gold is also available. Rolex According to court documents, the watch, stud earrings and Apple AirPods were all stolen.

DiGenova The Rolex To another trooper The watch was appraised by a Burlington jeweler who told him that it was worth $14,000 according to court records.

The 44-year old state trooper Investigators were allegedly informed by him that he had purchased the watch. from It was given to him by a cousin, who later returned it. He also told investigators he wanted to find a watch as a gift for his son’s 21st birthday, according to VT Digger, citing an affidavit.

Search by police DiGenova’s home for the missing items and seized his cellphone and a pair of “possible diamond earrings” The newspaper quoted court documents as the source.

There are no charges.

According to his lawyer, there are no such thing. evidence DiGenova The same watch was used in the photograph from The evidence room. David Sleigh was also an attorney who argued for a number. of state Troopers can access the property room.

“In fact, what they’re saying is that the watches are the same (and) as far as I know, they have no proof of that at all, and so this really is a situation from my point of view, that innocent coincidence has led to this,” He stated this Wednesday.

“It’s gone past just suspicion into an accusation that Giancarlo has done something untoward.”

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