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We double cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and plump the skin on our face until it’s as smooth and glass-like as possible. With all the steps and the never-ending skincare launches, it’s easy to forget about the skin on your body. It will until it becomes bothersome. That’s what Versed’s latest body product, Buff It OutWe want to make sure you don’t. If you’ve been suffering from dry and/or itchy skin, red bumps from KP (keratosis pilaris), breakouts or just uneven tone and texture, you’re going to want to try this.

Some body scrubs contain salt or sugar in their formulas which may be too irritating for those with sensitive skin. Buff It Out A 20% microfine pumice is used to remove dry skin patches. It won’t make your skin red or irritated. There’s also 1 percent glycolic acid to resurface skin and help keep breakouts at bay, 9 percent lactic acid to brighten uneven skin tone and dullness and .1 percent pomegranate enzymes to help promote cell turnover.


While there are many body products on the market, Versed customers know the benefits of the products for sensitive skin. Plus, it’s free from ingredients you might want to avoid, such as parabens, silicones and sulfates (it’s a personal preference!). You can add more smoothness to it by following this link Versed’s Restart Retinol by Pressing Restart Body Lotion ($17.99 Versed). Both can be purchased in the Total Transformation Exfoliate+ Renew for $6. Body Duo ($29.99 at Versed).

If you have more sensitive skin like I do, I wouldn’t use them both on the same day — that’s too much exfoliation. I’d use a gentle body lotion from CeraVe or Eucerin, or Versed’s Please Keep It Supple Moisturizing Body Oil (14.99) VersedRight out of your shower. You can then apply the Press Restart Retinol the following day. Body To keep your skin smooth throughout the week, use lotion

Grab Buff It Out On the Versed website.

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