A Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) of fundraising for his service dog’s lifesaving surgery and then disappearing with the money, local news site Patch reported Tuesday.

Patch was told by Richard Osthoff. Osthoff is a U.S. Navy veteran. Santos In 2016, he conned him, while living in a tent by the roadside in Howell with his beloved pet dog Sapphire. Osthoff quoted Sapphire $3,000 for surgery to remove a potentially fatal stomach tumor.

Osthoff claims that a veterinarian technician suggested to Osthoff that he know someone who could help him: Anthony Devolder who runs Friends of Pets United.

Anthony Devolder, one of those names? SantosThe full name of the author is George Anthony Devolder Santos, used among an array of aliasesIncludes George Devolder and Anthony Zabrovsky

George Santos He has refused to resign, despite the revelations that he falsified large portions of his resume while on campaign trail.

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Following revelations of his fabrications regarding his past, such as his education and work experience, the lawmaker will be subject to multiple federal or local investigations. The investigation also includes allegations of misusing campaign money, lying about his expenditures and hiding where the funds came from.

The December issue of The New York Times reported There are other discrepancies with the resume. Santos While he tried to pitch voters, there wasn’t much evidence that Friends of Pets United was tax-exempt. According to the Internal Revenue Service, there were no records that he claimed that Friends of Pets United was a registered charity.

Osthoff with another New Jersey vet, retired police sergeant. Michael Boll was a volunteer who helped Osthoff through the 2016 situation. Santos set up a GoFundMe for Sapphire’s surgery.

The claim was that he shut it down when the amount reached $3,000 and it became more difficult to reach him.

a July 2016 Facebook postOsthoff expressed his gratitude to supporters who helped him achieve his fundraising goal. Osthoff shared the link to an unreachable GoFundMe page. It is clear that the link was originally created. “by Anthony Devolder.”

But, according to Osthoff, when he tried to schedule Sapphire’s procedure, Santos then insisted Osthoff take Sapphire to another vet clinic ― that he purportedly had a relationship with ― which said it couldn’t operate on the tumor. Santos He claimed that he would use the money earmarked for Sapphire to buy a new car. “other dogs,” Osthoff spoke.

Osthoff shared with his supporters in a Facebook post from November 2016, that he was ill. “scammed by Anthony Devolder” According to Patch, a screenshot of Sapphire’s face was published by Patch.

Sapphire passed away in the next year.

One of Santos’ former roommates, Gregory Morey-Parker, was interviewed several times on CNN this week More SantosHe claimed that he was living with her for just a few months in 2020.

Morey-Parker stated that he was aware Santos By two names: Anthony Devolder & Anthony Zabrovsky. “never known him as George Santos.” Morey-Parker: Santos He stated: used the name Zabrovsky donated his pet charity to him because he believed “the Jews will give more if you’re a Jew.”

A Spokesperson Santos They did not respond to our request immediately.