Thousands of University of Virginia students and community members flooded the college’s South Lawn Monday night for an emotional vigil honoring three students killed in a shooting one night earlier.

Mourners lit candles and left flowers in remembrance of Davin Chandler, Lavel Davis Jr. and D’Sean Perry, three UVA football players who were fatally shot when a gunman opened fire at their team bus on campus.

The loss of these young men has left the football team in a state of shock. Many players wept openly as they paid respects to their fallen teammates.

“It’s a void that we will feel for a long time. This team is very, very close,” the team’s former director of player relations, Jordan Bullock, told The Post. “To lose one is tragic, to lose three is just devastating.”

Bullock, 28, said it’s heartbreaking that the victims were taken so soon and will never get to graduate.

Perry said that he believed Perry was set for greatness.

D’Sean Perry was in the midst of his junior season for the Cavaliers.
University of Virginia

“D’Sean walked around with a curiosity of the world that would have taken him places,” Bullock spoke. “I think he would have grown up to be an influential person.”

He said that the student was a “silent leader” Who people gravitated towards.

“He had this ability just to connect with anybody.”

Lavel Davis Jr.
Lavel Davis Jr. was Virginia’s wide receiver.
University of Virginia

Bullock claimed that he spoke to Davis at the UVA basketball game last week.

“He looked happy. Last season he was out because of an injury,” He stated. “I think he was just happy to be back on the team and contribute.”

“Lavel was someone who always carried a smile on his face,” He concluded.

Devin Chandler
Devin Chandler was described by some as “a shrewd, enigmatic and witty” “funny and passionate person” His former roommate.
University of Virginia

Football player Chayce Chalmers, 21, a safety for the UVA team and former roommate of Chandler’s, was in shock over the senseless violence.

“I don’t believe it,” He told The Post about the shooting, his voice breaking. “It doesn’t feel real. It doesn’t feel real at all.”

He stated that Chandler was a funny, passionate person who was committed to football and loved playing video games.

“He was a great, great guy,” Chalmers spoke of his roommate.

Charlottesville Vigil
The vigil took place on the university’s South Lawn.

Perry was called by Chalmers “iconic” Davis said he was hardworking. “up and coming.”

“[Perry’s] a quiet guy. He’s hilarious. He knew how to get the team motivated,” He said it, speaking still in the present. “He’s iconic, man.”

According to the football player, all three men are like family that share a special bond.

“Those were my brothers, my teammates,” Chalmers claimed. “I worked my tail off with them, I cried with them.”

Another player had similar sentiments about the victims.

“I’ll miss them a lot and I love them very much,” Henry Duke said that Henry Duke was at a tight end to tell The Post.

Christopher Darnell Jones Jr., a student at UVA was arrested by police and charged with three counts each of second-degree murder. He is currently being held in Henrico prison.