It Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Saturday is completely flamed “dimwitted” Republican lawmakers who can’t find their way out of a tangled power battle in Congress between centrists and extremists.

“Republicans are the gang that couldn’t shoot straight — except at one another,” A mock editorial was published in the paper.

“Too many House Republicans are too dimwitted to understand the uses of power and how to wield it,” The Journal argued. “They’d rather rage against the machine to no useful effect.”

The House Democrats are able to effectively manage a “seamless” Changeovers after elections are possible, but the Republicans “can’t even find the votes to elect a GOP Speaker, much less agree on budget strategy or much of anything else,” According to Journal.

Kevin McCarthy (Republican from Calif.) won the GOP caucus votes to be elected House GOP Leader against Andy Biggs, Arizona Rep. Biggs plans to still run for McCarthy’s position as speaker of the House on January 3. Other people may oppose McCarthy. This could result in McCarthy being defeated. “multiple ballots, and … even a Democratic speaker,” The Journal This would be catastrophic for Republicans.

Senate Republicans, meanwhile, are doing McCarthy “no favors” By joining Democrats, you can pass an enormous Omnibus Spending Bill for Fiscal 2023. Journal. Most House Republicans Prefer a continual resolution to finance the government until early next year. Republicans As the House majority, they will enjoy greater leverage.

This “lack of coordination” Between the House GOP and Senate GOP “bodes ill for any coherent” The editorial warns against a Republican agenda for the next two-years. Republicans Could be so disorganized that President Joe Biden or the Democrats might just roll over them.