The Walmart Supervisor who shot and Six of his co-workers were killed. a Store in Chesapeake Va. a Only hours before the massacre, pistols had been taken and Left a He took a note on his smartphone in which he explained that he was planning to target certain colleagues and According to Chesapeake police details, others should be spared.

As friends and Families of the victims were mourned, a The city planned a candlelight vigil on Monday. These new details gave the first clue as to what caused the eruption of workplace violence Tuesday night. a Walmart Break room: This is where members can meet in what has been described to be a Close-knit overnight teams were shot.

According to police, an analysis of a 31-year-old Andre Bing, the gunman, received a message from his phone. He claimed that employees had made fun of him. and He was likened to a serial killer. Officials said that the phone was recovered at the scene. posting the message on Twitter.

He called it a “death note,” the gunman said he would not kill an employee who had cancer because the gunman’s mother had died from the disease. “My God forgive me for what I’m going to do…” The note ended. Officials didn’t say when the note was written.

These details also showed the ease of which the gunman bought the pistol that was used in the shooting. a 9-millimeter handgun. “The gun was legally purchased from a local store on the morning of Tuesday,” The city stated in a statement and that the gunman “had no criminal history.”

The police discovered a Box of ammunition and a Receipt and Other paperwork was required for the purchase of the gun. Officials could not be reached for comment on where the gunman bought the weapon.

The state legislature, which is composed of Democrats, has enacted a variety of restrictions regarding gun purchases over the past few years. This includes universal background checks. Based on information available so far, however, it does not seem that any regulations would have been applicable to the gunman. Like most states, Virginia does not require a Waiting period for firearm purchase

According to a Witnesses said that the gunman shot without warning when he entered the breakroom where his coworkers were gathered for their 10 p.m. shift. At 10:12 p.m. the first call was made to police. and According to authorities, officers arrived in the store four minutes later. The gunman, according to police, had already died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot injury.

The victims included several employees who had worked with him for years — Randall Blevins, Lorenzo Gamble and Brian Pendleton — and Kellie Pyle is one of many who recently joined our staff. and Tyneka John. Tyneka Johnson was the victim a Boy 16 years old identified on Friday by the authorities as Fernando Chavez-Barron.

Officials confirmed that two victims of the shooting were still being treated in hospital on Friday. One was in critical condition.

Former co-workers stated that the overnight team was formed at the store. a close relationship, but also recalled that Mr. Bing was as a The supervisor displayed some off-putting behaviour. An ex-employee said that he was aggressive. Another described him as “a loner.”

Shaundrayia Reese (27), who was part of the overnight crew, stated that there were some team members. “did complain to the managers about Andre’s behavior.”

The police attributed the gunman’s note a Belief that at least one of his coworkers was “trying to get rid of me since day one” and His phone was not working. “hacked,” and He said he was going to respond. Note included many references to God, Holy Spirit. and Satan and It was suggested that Mr. Bing was concerned about his wife’s health. “social deficits” Since he was a child.

In a Statement in response to the publication of the note Walmart Friday, November 5, 2009: “there is nothing that can justify taking innocent lives.”