Coco GauffHer parents are visiting her for the spotlight. Tennis champ at 18 years old shared a recent moment. a Mom Candi’s now-viral video and dad Corey attempting a TikTok dance, and They deserve an A.

The clip shows: Coco Does a Quick routine to PartyNextDoor’s most popular song “Her Way” Her parents tried to copy the moves before she was born. “I didn’t teach them the dance I just told them to try and copy me,” Coco wrote. Candi is a total slacker a Corey has a huge smile, while she seems happy. a As evidenced by Coco The whole time, she kept her laughter under control. In just a In just a few days the video had more than one-million views and The comments ranged from hundreds to thousands. “the dad walked so the mom could run” To “I can’t stop watching this.” Coco Since then, she has uploaded footage showing her parents performing the dance again after she had given them instructions. a Real tutorial a hilarious blooper.

Coco During an interview with Emma Raducanu, she also spoke out about the video after their Australian Open match on Jan. 18. “Basically everyone was hating on my dad in the comments,” She said it laughing. “I kinda felt bad, but at the same time, parents really do anything for their kids, so I’m glad my dad took one for the team.” Asking who is the best of all three dancers, Coco responded, “Probably my mom — at least that’s what the comments say. . . . A lot of people asked for just a solo video of her, and I’m like, ‘This is my account, no. I’m the star. I’ll shine in my own TikTok!'” She will shine.

Continue reading to learn more Gauff clan’s TikTok takeover, and Join us in the hope Coco’s parents create their own accounts soon — because This This is the kind of healthy content that our FYPs require.