Business has entered a period of unprecedented excitement and challenges. Globalization has brought benefits to industrialized countries and emerging markets alike, but the process is slowly unraveling. The world’s two largest economies—the United States and China—continue to decouple, with the potential for massive consequences. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has disrupted global supply chains, strained energy markets worldwide, and altered the power balance across the European Union.

As the world moves toward multipolarity, economic systems—including cross-border trade, foreign investments, and global markets—are being reimagined, with profound implications for CEOs, investors, and consumers. Science and AI technologies are now solving problems great and small—from climate risk to existential health crises—but they also pose new threats. As inflation increases costs, companies must show that they are doing something more than just maximizing shareholder profits. Companies are forced to transform their business models or face total disruption.

Enter a “New Era for Business,” The CEOs of these companies are now aware of their role as a catalyst for positive and lasting social change. They also understand the great responsibility this power brings. The role of international business and economic policies is at a crossroads. To stay competitive, companies must reinvent their mission and style and turn challenges into opportunities to grow and renew.

The program will cover six major themes affecting the global business landscape today.

–Market and Trade Dynamics
–Geopolitical Tides
–Emerging Technologies
–Talent Shortages and Workplace Shifts
–Climate Risk
–Consumer Trends

The Sunday Review Global Forum Here is the agenda.

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