Serial liar Rep. George Santos (R.-N.Y.), even lying about his identity, was caught on video.

This clip is for 2019. Santos An audience member addresses a panel during a New York City event encouraging LGBTQ members to leave the Democratic Party.

“My name is Anthony Devolder,” He introduces himself to the video posted on Twitter. “I’m a New York City resident. I’ve recently founded a group called United for Trump, so if you guys want to follow, that would be awesome,” He continues.

In A Queens Republican introduces another clip Santos During his 2020 campaign, he wonders out loud to the crowd why Santos It has changed his name from Anthony Devolder. When Santos He takes the stage and introduces himself as “George Anthony Devolder Santos — commonly known as Anthony.”

CNN discovered the same thing. social media posts From 2020 Santos The name is used George Devolder.

Fatima Delder was Santos’ mother’s name. The Devolder Organization was also the name he gave to the company that he founded in 2021. Funding for the mysterious company — which had no website and was dissolved not long after it was started — is murky. However, Santos It was claimed rocketed his salary to $750,000 After he had reported, he received up to $10,000,000 in dividends earning a $55,000 salary This is the same as in the past year.

Congress’ first Gen-Z Rep. Maxwell Frost (D-Florida) wondered in a tweet which of the names the lawmaker has used — including “George Santos” — is fake?

″‘George Santos’ He has been introduced as ‘George Devolder’ ‘Anthony Devolder,’” he wrote. “Why are you still supporting the Republican Congressman purportedly known as George Santos?” Lieu questioned the speaker.

Santos has lied about his Jewish heritage, his work experience, his income, his graduation from college (which didn’t happen), and even made up a “summa cum laude” grade point average.

He’s under investigation by prosecutors in Long Island, where Republican leaders have called on him to resign.

Yet House Republicans don’t know what to do with him.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R. Florida) stated that CNN Saturday Santos His fantasy resume will be reviewed by the House ethics committee. However, he stated that he believed he could be elected to the House ethics committee. Santos Should not “subjected to shunning.”