The Senate will vote on legislation to codify homosexual marriage this week. The bill also has enough GOP support to pass the Senate, The Sunday Review learned.

“We have the votes,” Sources close to negotiations confirmed Monday.

Since months, a bipartisan group has tried to pass a bill on marriage equality to protect interracial and same-sex relationships. The House It passed its own legislation on JulyHowever, the Senate rejected it. Some Republicans expressed concern that it would restrict religious freedom.

Things became more complicated when Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York and Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia announced a surprise deal for a major tax and climate bill. Republicans were so angry that Democrats were willing and able to pass this deal without them, that some indicated they would not support a similar-sex marriage bill.

However, with the midterm elections now over and Democrats in a position to hold the Senate for two more years, it seems like some Republicans will be returning to the table.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin, a Democratic senator from Wisconsin, posted Monday that the Senate was “going to get this done.”

Baldwin, too released an overview What the Senate proposal will do.

Since 2015, same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states. The Supreme Court ruled that gay couples have the constitutional right to marry. But after the now-conservative court struck down Roe v. Wade in June ― tossing out nearly 50 years of precedent on reproductive rights ― Democrats and some Republicans are anxious about the court’s plans for weakening other civil rights.

The Senate will vote on the bill regarding the timing of marriage equality. “later this week,” Source: Negotiations expert

The Senate will take the House bill and amend it as opposed to senators proposing a new bill. The House must only vote to accept any changes to their bill, and not start the whole process again.

All 50 Democratic senators have said they’d support legislation to codify same-sex marriage. In order to pass a filibuster the Senate bill will need at least 10 Republicans who support it. Who are they?

So far, the only GOP senators saying anything about this week’s forthcoming bill are the three The bipartisan group that helped to get the bill passed was composed of Senators. Susan Collins (Maine), Rob Portman(Ohio), and Thom Tillis. THe Democrats they’ve been working with are Baldwin and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (Ariz.).

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), for one, wouldn’t say either way how he’d vote.

“I’ll be voting when the votes are called,” he told The Sunday Review.

Reporting by Igor Bobic