WALTERBORO, S.C. — Prosecutors trying to Alex Murdaugh is convicted for murdering his wife and On Friday, son disclosed that two of the victims found pills inside Mr. Murdaugh’s A computer bag was discovered a month earlier than the crime, disclosing surprising evidence that a motive might be.

“When you get here we have to talk,” Mr. Murdaugh’s Paul Murdaugh said it in a text dated May 20,21. to His father. “Mom found several bags of pills in your computer bag.”

The message bolsters the prosecution’s argument that at the time of the murders, a “perfect storm” It was Mr. Murdaugh at 54 that appeared to be in danger to His embezzlement from his law firm of millions of dollars is exposed and His clients as well as extravagant spending on his drug addiction to painkillers.

After questioning over 60 witnesses, the prosecution rested its case Friday. This trial has documented the decades-long fall of Murdaugh’s family. and For more than 100 years, South Carolina’s Lowcountry rural region was dominated by private-practice lawyers.

Over the past three weeks, prosecutors with the South Carolina attorney general’s office have outlined their theory of the grisly crime, in which Mr. Murdaugh’s wife, Maggie Murdaugh, 52, and Their 22-year-old son Paul Murdaugh was also shot. to death near the dog kennels on the family’s vast hunting estate.

Their testimony has been corroborated by Mr. Murdaugh’s Financial thefts could be exposed at the exact time that the murders occurred in June 2021. They also displayed a text Mr. Murdaugh had sent on Friday to A close friend was murdered four days earlier than the murders. to Get an additional $600,000.00 line of credit.

The day Mr. Murdaugh’s Son told Mr. Murdaugh’s In an apparent effort to find pill markings, her wife searched on the Internet. to Prosecutors said they were able to identify the pills after looking for a description of pills matching some oxycodone tablets. He texted his wife the following morning with: “I am very sorry that I do this to all of you. I love you.”

Ms. Murdaugh sought another name for a prescription on May 26.

A series of inconsistent behavior in Mr. Murdaugh’s Statements to The police and Pointed to Phone and It also contains car data which it claims contradicts Mr. Smith’s account of what he did on the night that he murdered his family. The most important thing was that prosecutors showed a video shot by the slain boy, which featured Mr. Murdaugh’s He was at the crime scene just minutes before murders occurred, even though he claimed that he wasn’t there.

The prosecution hasn’t shown any evidence that Mr. Murdaugh is a suspect. to The crime: Mr. Murdaugh’s Shirt from the night and There is no witness.

While cross-examining witnesses for the prosecution, Mr. Murdaugh’s A string of concessions were also made by lawyers, painting police officers as lazy and in an hurry. to Pin the murders of Mr. Murdaugh. Lawyers have obtained witnesses to admit that a bloody footprint at the scene of the crime was an officer’s; that the police waited months to Find a place Mr. Murdaugh lived in on the night the crime occurred. and son; and The false testimony of the Special Agent who conducted the investigation led to Mr. Murdaugh being indicted.

The defense attorneys tried this week to Shift your attention to other possible suspects, noting that an unknown man’s DNA was found under Ms. Murdaugh’s fingernails. They also suggested that the police should have looked into the drug dealers that Mr. Murdaugh was buying pills from, which he said he did by writing large checks — sometimes for as much as $60,000 in a week — to He was buying drugs from a distant relative.

There is still the mystery of Mr. Murdaugh’s testimony. After prosecutors rested, Mr. Murdaugh’s The Colleton County coroner was the first witness that lawyers asked. They will keep going to Next week, call witnesses

There are so many witnesses and Jurors will be presented with a lot of technical information. to Once deliberations start, you will need to sift through the documents. They will not be able to use notepads in courtrooms. to Rely on your memories and the many exhibits that were entered into evidence, including a wealth of reports, maps and Other items

“How this case turns out may well be determined by the quality of the closing arguments,” Jessica Roth, professor of criminal and civil law and New York’s Cardozo School Of Law, evidence and A former federal prosecutor. “How streamlined they are, how clear they are and how well they summarize the evidence and don’t get bogged down in the details.”

According to prosecution evidence, Mr. Murdaugh may have hit his son two times with shotgun blasts. One of these shots killed his son immediately. and His wife was then shot multiple times by him with a gun. According to them, he killed his wife and left the scene about two hours later than the family’s dinner.

Prosecutors have then suggested to the jury, Mr. Murdaugh set about creating an alibi, calling his dead wife’s phone and Texting her and announcing that he would be going to His mother lived just a short distance away. You can find us on the road and He made several phone calls back then to Refer friends and Relatives are welcome to return to the family’s hunting estate about an hour later, just after 10 p.m. At that point, he put in a distraught call to 911 and reported that he found the bodies.

This all happened hours after Mr. Murdaugh was confronted earlier in the day by his financial chief at law. He had concerns over missing legal fees totalling hundreds of thousands. Murdaugh’s custody. He had also learned — when he received a phone call during that same confrontation — that his ill father had taken a turn for the worse and He was close to death. Prosecutors argue that these murders were an attempt at murder. to Get sympathy and Stop the purported embezzlement to light.

Murdaugh, who was convicted of stealing $8.8 million from victims since the crime scene has been indicted. and Consequently, it has been removed.

Many prosecution witnesses gave evidence about Mr. Murdaugh’s After the killings, his behavior. His mother’s caregiver, Shelley Smith, testified that he visited his mother for about 20 minutes on the night of the killings but that Mr. Murdaugh had told her a few days later that he had been there for 30 or 40 minutes. And Maggie Murdaugh’s Marian Proctor, Marian’s sister, stated that while Mr. Murdaugh was grieving, he didn’t speak with her about the idea of trying again. to The killer is out there and did not seem afraid — as other relatives were — that someone could be out to The entire family should be killed

The key to The case of Mr. Murdaugh’s claim — which he repeated with confidence in interviews with the police after the murders — that he had never been at the kennels with his wife and He was with his son on that night. According to him, he’d spent that afternoon on the property driving with his son. and Maggie is available for dinner. and Paul had left to They were approximately 500 feet from the house.

“I stayed on the couch and I dozed off,” He spoke to state police during an interview, two months after his murders were played out publicly. He then said that he stood up. and You drove directly to his mother’s house shortly after 9 p.m.

Paul was later filmed by the police. Murdaugh’s Alexa on the phone Murdaugh’s A voice was heard calling for a pet dog at 8.45 pm. Prosecutors suggested that it was only minutes before the shootings. and Maggie Murdaugh’s Last time phones were unlocked was at 8:49 PM. Defense has not yet to Legal analysts stated that Mr. Murdaugh’s Lawyers would be able to do this. to Confront them when they start to Lay out your case.

“The main point of the prosecution’s case has been to establish, resoundingly, a timeline, and to underline, highlight and pound away on every inconsistency with the prosecution timeline,” said Joe McCulloch, a lawyer and Ex-prosecutor of Columbia, S.C.; is also good friends with Dick Harpootlian. Murdaugh’s lawyers.

“We already get the sense from everything that he’s capable of lying,” McCulloch spoke of Murdaugh. “The question is, is he forgetting? Is he lying? Why is he lying?”