Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis reiterated Monday the state’s rejection of a Proposed nationwide advancement of African American Studies courseIt pushes, it says a political agenda — something three authors cited in the state’s criticism accused him of You will do the same in return.

DeSantis said his administration rejected the College Board’s Advanced Placement African American Studies course Because “we want education, not indoctrination.” It was revealed last week The Florida Department of The College Board was recently informed by Education that they would not approve of the ban. course This is the final version, unless you make changes.

The state was then issued a chart late Friday That is the definition of course Promotes the belief that American society today oppresses Black Other minorities or women include people a The chapter “Black Queer Studies” Articles that critics find inappropriate and are used by the administration of capitalism.

Governor said that course He violated legislation he signed last summer, the Stop WOKE Act. This bans instruction that describes people as being necessarily oppressed, or privilegiated based on race. At the very least, some writers have it. course Citations state that the U.S. has become a society of white supremacy, while oppressing gays and women.

“This course on Black history, what’s one of the lessons about? Queer theory. Now who would say that an important part of Black history is queer theory? That is somebody pushing an agenda,” DeSantis: a possible Republican presidential candidate in 2024.

Florida House Democratic Leader Fentrice Driskell called The administration’s rejection of the course “cowardly” It was said. “sends a clear message that Black Americans’ history does not count in Florida.”

“Imagine how boring and closed minded we’d all be if we only met ideas that we agreed with,” She said so Monday.

The College Board was established after. a decade of development, is testing the African American Studies course At 60 high schools across the country. It would not be mandatory for any school or government to make it available after the rollout.

The organisation offers AP courses that span the entire academic spectrum including science, math, and fine art. At a College level students with high scores on the course’s final exam usually earn course You can get credit from their university.

The College Board hasn’t responded to emails and calls since Friday. It was published a Last week, the company released a statement confirming that they encourage feedback and are open to considering changes.

In its Friday chart, the state criticized five living authors. They were emailed by The Associated Press and they replied to three.

— The section on “Black Queer Studies” Includes Roderick Ferguson readings a Yale University Professor of women’s, gender and sexuality studies. According to the state, he “exclaims, ‘We have to encourage and develop practices whereby queerness isn’t a surrender to the status quo of race, class, gender and sexuality.’”

Ferguson claimed that Ferguson got the quote from an interview on his book. “One-Dimensional Queer.” He said that the book is a Discussion of “employment discrimination, laws against LGBTQ+ people, the suppression of progressive movements in the U.S., police violence against minority communities, restrictions on immigration (and) anti-black racism.”

“These are real histories. The arguments about them are based on scholarly investigation and research — as are the arguments from the other scholars on this list,” Ferguson said. “Unfortunately, we are in a moment in which right-wing forces are mobilizing to suppress the free discussion of those realities. If we need an example of that mobilization, we could probably just turn to the forces that came together to reject this course.”

— The state calls out the course For including “Black Study, Black Struggle,” a UCLA piece for 2016 history Robin D.G. Kelley said that he “argues that activism, rather than the university system, is the catalyst for social transformation.” Kelley called this description too simplistic.

He challenges students activists to go beyond campus, and condemns racism, inequality and militarism. However, he said that activists need to love everyone. “even those who may once have been our oppressors,” If they want to critique Western literature, then they should be able to read and comprehend it.

One point he made was: “that we should not pay so much emphasis on trauma and victimization, but instead understand how we have fought for justice not just for Black people but for the whole nation (yes including struggling white people), despite the violence and oppression we have experienced.”

Kelley is also mentioned by the state as having written the book in 1990. “Hammer and Hoe,” a history of Alabama communism during the Great Depression of 1930s.

“It won several awards and accolades, including from a few conservative anti-Communist historians, because it is based on thorough research — something DeSantis’s people are not familiar with,” Kelley stated.

— The state criticized the inclusion of a About section “Movement for Black Lives,” a Coalition of There are more than 50 different groups Black The National Conference and Lives Matter of Black Lawyers. According to the group, it claims that prisons should be abolished and there is. a “war” Unforgiven to gay or transsexual Black people.

The state criticizes the section’s inclusion of a Reading by Leslie Kay Jones (assistant sociology professor, Rutgers University). She is quoted in it. “Black people produce an unquantifiable amount of content for the same social media corporations that reproduce the white supremacist superstructure that suppresses us.”

Jones stated that she had not seen any indications the Movement was for sale. Black She has advocated for prison abolishment in her life. She is surprised DeSantis’ staff attacked her for criticizing social media companies, as he does the same.

According to her, this is the reason students should be able to communicate. “to come to their own conclusions through an evaluation of primary and secondary texts.”

“Is Ron DeSantis claiming that Florida students are unable to formulate their own opinions?” Sie said.

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