This is it the The golden rule of World Cups. Cups. the Last few days, color has begun to It will thrive the streets of Doha, fans draped in Ecuadorean tricolors and brandishing Moroccan flags and wearing thobes in Croatia’s checkerboard pattern while wandering through Souq Waqif, Doha’s purposefully vintage market, and along the waterfront Corniche.

It happens regardless of how deeply-rooted or sincerely-held. the Concerns and the Doubts and the distaste: the Carnival is a wild celebration the Sport is a force for good the A spotlight that had been scoured the Shadows of the Now, tournament is firmly and unapologetically focused on the Brazil’s brilliance or the Argentina romance or the France’s ruthless posture

Qatar 2022 is in this sense unusually wealthy. This tournament will provide the This is the swan song for an entire generation of players. Not only Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, but a whole roster of names who have dominated. the Sport has been around for over a decade. So open is the field hope that each of them will have the opportunity to say goodbye with a sense of joy.

This is, naturally, what FIFA and the The Qatari authorities don’t so much hope for but rely on. Infantino was almost beseeching in his soliloquy at one point. the news media — presumably — not to criticize the Players, to criticize Qatar, not to Spoiler the Fun for all who watch at home.

“We all have difficult lives,” Infantino claimed, but he didn’t choose. to Discuss whether these difficulties are really equal or comparable. He said that all we want is happiness. the Chance to Take a break from all your worries for a bit. to Have some time “when we don’t have to think about this,” However, you could instead “concentrate on something we love, and that thing is football.”

It’s hard to This is a better summary. World CupFor further information, see: the World Cup in general, for the FIFA’s vision the world. Life can be difficult, complicated, and frustrating. Try not to to Talk about it. Ask any questions. Or even just think about it. Better, far more, not to Resist, instead to Relax and let it wash over and through you. the pain.