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Palestinian man Was killed 13 They were hurt in This article is available in English Israeli raid in Nablus, Monday morning Palestinian Health officials said, in What Israeli Authorities claimed that it was an operation to detain suspects in The fatal shooting of an Israeli Soldier last year.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health stated that Amir Ihab Bustami (21), was a member of the Ministry of Health “was shot by the Israeli occupation soldiers and killed at dawn today in Nablus.”

Six were hurt by live ammunition during the event. raid in Nablus, along with seven other victims, were hurt “as a result of the army’s pursuit of them,” The Palestinian Red Crescent confirmed. According to Red Crescent, one person had been admitted and 75 tear gas inhalation cases were also treated.

The Israeli The military stated the overnight raid Was in Reaktion to Ido’s death in An attack on the Shavei Shomron settlement in The occupied West Bank opening on October 11, 2022

“[Israeli forces] apprehended the assailants Obkamel Guri and Asama Tuille, from Nablus, who carried out the shooting attack during which Staff Sergeant Ido Baruch was killed,” The Israel Defense Forces (IDF), stated in A statement was made Monday. “The forces also apprehended three additional suspects who were with the assailants.”

The Israeli Police opened fire on the suspects, and took two guns from an apartment. in Nablus was added by the IDF, adding that the two suspects had been injured in the course of the operation. raid.

Lion’s Den, a Palestinian A militant group emerged in Nablus, which claimed the responsibility for Baruch’s death last year. Monday was a statement from the group claiming that they had lured Israeli Soldiers are taken hostage in an ambush in Nablus killed However, there were no supporting evidence. IDF denied that. Israeli There were injuries reported in The raid.

Official Palestinian WAFA news agency reported that Israeli Forces “surrounded one of the residential buildings” in Nablus was heard with heavy gunfire and an explosive explosion.

The other is the Israeli Airstrikes by the military in Gaza is being targeted “an underground complex” Hamas was responsible for making rockets. The Israel Defense Forces made this statement. in A statement was issued Monday morning. After a rocket from Gaza was fired into Israel, the IDF claimed that it was intercepted.

Hamas confirmed in A statement that one of its web sites had been hit in West Gaza, Monday Israeli Airplanes “launched about 10 air raids targeting a site of the resistance,” Hamas’s armed wing called al-Qassam Brigades. in An early Monday statement stated that there had been no casualties.

Four rockets were fired from Gaza to Israel following the strikes according to IDF statements later. The IDF stated that the missiles struck Hamas military positions. in response.