There were many moments that evoked roars inside Madison Square Garden when the Knicks faced the Miami Heat in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinals this month: when Jalen Brunson hit a 3-pointer late in the fourth quarter, prompting a Heat timeout, or any of the five times RJ Barrett sank a 3, sending the Garden’s white-knuckled Knicks fans into a frenzy.

It was during the stoppage of play, when a huge video screen displayed footage from the match that caused the most roar. Carmelo Anthony sitting courtside. Anthony Standing with his hand up, he watched as the majority of fans applauded and cheered him as though he’d just scored a winning shot.

Anthony In his six-and-ahalf seasons, he never made it to the conference finals nor won a championship for the Knicks. But the moment reminded us how important he is. to New York. It was a city that had been mediocre for years and longed to get a real star. Anthony, a Brooklyn native ready to Knicks fans can enjoy the games again.

You can also find out more about Anthony When he announced his retirement on Monday, many of his fans started. to I wonder when they will retire his No. The number 7 that he donned while playing for the Knicks.

“New York is the type of place that will melt you if you ain’t ready for it,” Chuck D is a rapper who was born on Long Island. He co-founded Public Enemy and grew up in Long Island. “But Melo came in and danced with the pressure of New York.”

Then he added: “Most ball players in New York, they don’t come from New York. So he brought a New York state of mind to a place that didn’t really have the ballplayers that knew how to adapt to it. So we’ll always love Melo for that.”

Denver Nuggets draft Anthony Third overall in Syracuse after leading the school to Division I national championship of the N.C.A.A. Division I championship. In Denver, Anthony He quickly became one of the top players in the league.

At 6-foot-7 and about 240 pounds, Anthony He was known for both his 3 point prowess as well as his quick footwork. He was able to outmuscle smaller forwards and guards by using his speed. to The blow-by-defender.

The whole of Anthony’s offensive success didn’t translate into much in the postseason for the Nuggets. Over the course of seven-and-a half years, Anthony’s teams made the conference finals just once, and he pressured the Nuggets to trade him to New York in 2011 in a deal that gutted the Knicks’ roster. Nuggets fans never forgot about Anthony’s exit, and they booed him each time he visited Denver.

“I gave my all here,” Anthony At a press conference held after his arrest, he said booed in 2021. “I’ve never said anything bad about Denver — about the fans, the organization, players — never complained.” Then he added: “So it will always be a special place for me regardless of the boos.”

The front desk also appeared to have not forgotten the clientele. Anthony’s departure. Anthony The Nuggets wore his number 15, which was destined for retirement. He wore the No. The Nuggets changed that in 2014. Anthony’s number to a little-known second-round pick whose selection was revealed while a Taco Bell commercial played during ESPN’s broadcast of the draft.

Nikola Jokic is one of N.B.A’s best players. And has already done more than anyone else in Nuggets gear. Anthony Two Most Valuable Player Awards were won by Jokic. Jokic was the Nuggets’ leading player on Monday. to The team reached their first N.B.A. finals.

“I hope they are able to retire both of their jerseys,” Nuggets forward Jeff Green told ESPN. “Nikola and Carmelo, I know it can be done, and it’s deserving for what he has done for the franchise.”

Anthony’s best chance for a jersey retirement is most likely in New York.

Fans of the Black and Latino races are a large part of many city residents. Anthony It was like they were a mirror of themselves on the court. The fans gravitated to Anthony, who is African American and Puerto Rican, because of his style: his signature cornrow braids — though he didn’t have them in New York — the tattoos that covered his arms, his love of hip-hop music.

Anthony Was also present in other areas of the city besides basketball. He was at everything, from high-school basketball matches to The hip-hop scene has always been a part of the culture. It was a year ago. he was in the audience at the Garden Rapping words for words during a battle of rap between The Lox and Dipset.

On November 5, 2005 Anthony Call into Angie Martinez’s radio show on Hot 97The Lox took to Twitter, posting a series of rants about the contract dispute that they were having with Diddy. to Be a try to Help make peace

“What can he do to help?” Martinez asked about Anthony.

“You see his contract?” The rapper Jadakiss responded.

“I’m all the way in Oklahoma City,” Anthony said. “We’re about to go to the game. They told me you all were on the radio, so I had to call up.”

Anthony’s call went down in New York City Radio folklore was part of it, but was also a moment which reflected who he was.

“Culturally, he means everything,” said Charlamagne Tha God, the host of the radio show “The Breakfast Club,” Remember? Anthony calling into Martinez’s show, and being one of the most accessible stars.

“Certain moments like that stand out to me when we talk about culture,” He said “because those are moments when you saw the intersectionality between hip-hop and in basketball, and I think there are not too many people who represented that intersectionality better than Carmelo Anthony.”

A peculiarity of romance is the relationship between New York Fans Anthony His approach was his name to Basketball was a very different game from the Knicks of old.

The Knicks had a reputation as a physically tough team. Their defenders would have opponents beaten with hard fouls and aggressive guarding when attacking the basket. Charles Oakley and John Starks were fan favorites for their villainous style.

You can also read about it here Anthony He was not in that mould. It was well-known that he seemed uninterested to guard players the majority of time. On offense, he was often a scorer but was also a “black hole”: when the ball fell. to him, he wasn’t going to pass it.

Anthony has the Knicks’ record for most points in a single game, with 62 against the Charlotte Bobcats in 2014; it’s also the third-most any player has scored in N.B.A. History without an assist.

“Yes, he was selfish at times. And you know, he was a ball stopper,” Casey Powell is the creator of CP The Fanchise. Knicks Fan TV. “But he was a bucket, man.”

Then he said Anthony didn’t have many options for players to pass to Starks and Oakley, who played with a lot of heart and passion on these Knicks teams were loved by fans. “but Carmelo, it was his actual talent that drew fans to him.” Knicks’ fans hadn’t had any player to look forward to. Anthony’s caliber since Patrick Ewing led the team to He said that the Finals of the 1994 were held in his country.

“Even though they didn’t win much when he was here, he inspired a lot of kids, a lot of African American kids, a lot of Latino kids, and he just gave us hope,” Powell said “So sometimes the conversation around Melo is how he didn’t win, and he’s a selfish player, but there’s more to him than on the court. Off the court, he delivered.”