A scary injury has taken another NFL player to the hospital just two weeks after Bills star Damarhamlin fell on the field following a cardiac arrest. What It happened Russell Gage would put an end to Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dallas Cowboys: Game on Monday, January 16, 2023. Only two minutes and 55 second left in the fourth quarter.

In a moment when safety in the NFL is at its lowest point, the Buccs’ 26-year-old wide receiver was forced to leave the field with a neck brace. There have been many high-profile injuries in the 2022/23 season, including Nick Foles (Indy Colts) who was injured by a Giants player and left a game. Hamlin himself was replacing Bills safety Micah Hyde who’s been out with a neck injury, while fellow teammate and Bills corner Dane Jackson became immobilized after injuring his neck in a game against the Tennessee Titans in September. Here’s the latest on Russell Gage.

What It happened Russell Gage?

What It happened Russell Gage? The Tampa Bay Buccaneers After receiving a blow to the head by Cowboys safety Donovan Wilson, wide receiver received a concussion. Gage appeared to try to stand up but couldn’t—he remained on his back as trainers swarmed around him and eventually placed him on a backboard to take him off the field in an ambulance.

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“They took him to the hospital right now, he has a concussion. They’ll also test him for potential neck injuries,” Buccaneers In the aftermath of the game, Todd Bowles was asked by reporters if Gage had any movement in his extremities. Bowles answered when Bowles asked Gage if he had any movement in his extremities. “His fingers were moving when he was down there. I don’t know about the rest.”

The following statement was made public by the Buccaneers gave an update on Gage’s condition. “After suffering a neck injury and concussion during the fourth quarter of last night’s game, Russell was taken to a local hospital where he remained overnight for additional testing and observation.” Gage, who had suffered a back injury in Week 18, while making a touchdown catch against his old team the Atlanta Falcons, was originally listed as doubtful for the Cowboys game.

Gage’s injury is just the latest in a long list of serious incidents that have come out of the NFL in the 2022/2023 season. Following a seemingly simple tackle, Bills safety Damar Holliday collapsed onto the field. Hamlin would be down for more than 18 minutes while receiving medical attention on the field—both CPR and an automated external defibrillator (AED) were administered before an ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital. The Bills team gathered round their player to protect him, but they were both clearly upset by the events that had happened to Hamlin.

A statement made by the team claims that the Bills defense player had suffered cardiac arrest as a result of his tackle on Higgins. “Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest following a hit in our game versus the Bengals,” The statement was as follows: “His heartbeat was restored on the field and he was transferred to the UC Medical Center for further testing and treatment. He is currently sedated and listed in critical condition.”

Damar Hamlin

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Hamlin was released by the hospital nine days following his fall on the field. According to the official Twitter account of the Buffalo Bills, Hamlin will be released from hospital. “continue his rehabilitation at home and with the Bills.”

While Hamlin’s experience of life-threatening cardiac arrest is a rather rare incident on the football field, neck, head and spine injuries—which at worst can result in semi or total paralysis, even death—are a serious concern for the NFL. Dolphins’ quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was famously hospitalized after two head injuries in as many games, calling into question the team’s handling of the league’s concussion protocol. Tagovailoa fell to the ground after he was hit with the turf during the game against Buffalo Bills. As he attempted to get back to the huddle, he staggered and then briefly fell to his knees. After he was done, he walked off to the locker room and then returned to the game in the second. His return prompted the NFL Players Association to begin an inquiry into the Dolphins’ handling of the injury.

Tagovailoa fell to the ground by Josh Tupou, a Cincinnati Bengals defensive lineman. He also hit his helmet on the grass. Tagovailoa displayed a gest called “a hand gesture” by raising his hands and splaying his fingers. “fencing response” It could be an indication of brain injury.

Technology, as well as the game’s rules, are evolving in an attempt to better protect its players.  A 2022 update of the Use of Helmet rules was adopted. It states that players must not lower their heads into tackles or make contact with helmets in the face of any opponent. This is a foul. Tackling must not be below the shoulders or above the knees. Players can be kicked to the floor as long as they aren’t deemed to have done so. “reckless or likely to cause injury,” which is up to the referee’s discretion.

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