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Adrenal Fatigue is It is not a medically accepted diagnosis.

It is A lay term that refers to non-specific symptoms such as fatigue, body pains and nervousness.

The adrenal glands of your body produce many hormones that are essential for life. These hormones will determine how much you can live.

The adrenals make up part of the hormone system.

  • hypothalamus.
  • pituitary.
  • thyroid.
  • parathyroids.
  • pineal body.
  • The ovaries.
  • The tests.

These glands can be highly motivated by or are demotivated when under stress. isThey are however essential in daily life because they produce EMOTIONAL RESPONSES. All of the glands listed above can be in good working order. Your brain will react much faster than your eyes can blink. They are set on automatic   They respond to your ENVIRONMENT the very same moment you sensed it. You can have negative effects on your emotions by creating or sustaining stress.

You will feel more healthy if you have positive stress (eustress). This is the information you need to be aware of and take action on. is EMOTIONS Feelings can be good for us.

What is Not good for humans is If their emotional state is chronically negative.

Boredom, Fear, Anger, Grief, Apathy. It is useless

You can find many more, but these are the ones that will suffice for now. Stress-free living is Negative stress is a killer, and it’s not worth the risk of living.

The toxic effects of chronic negative emotions are severe.

Because it messes with the hormones you produce, this can cause a painful and slow death as well as a fast one.

We have healthy stress like…

  • Sports
  • Learn new skills
  • Relationships
  • Vacations
  • exercise<

Then we have unhealthy stress like…

  • Not to sleep
  • Toxins
  • Bad company
  • Work drama
  • Family drama

There are many different ways people deal with stress. But we all follow the example of others. What they do (or media) tell us makes us happy.

There are many things that people enjoy: shopping, holidays, diving, dancing, getting massages, and playing or watching sports. Some also like to talk with friends, eat, gamble, take drugs or consume excessive alcohol. There are many stress treatments that can be used. They are everywhere DISTRACTIONS, These distractions are something one must pay with their time. both.

You can pay with both time and money is stressful. 


What are you looking for in distress?

Your goal is to distract from the distractions. PAST ACCUMULATED NEGATIVE IMPRESSIONS. So, what is your emotional state right now? is Mostly due to the experiences and records you have made throughout your life. These aren’t just lost because you forgot or can’t remember them. Negative experiences are not likely to be a cause of your depression. It’s the hidden ones you should worry about. SUBCONSCIOUS is Where your emotions are kept. Negative stress can have a negative impact on your emotions and your ENDOCRINE SYTEM. If your glands are struggling, it will affect your entire life.

Your job is This is a new topic that must be tackled and there are tools available to assist you. An excellent coach is It’s a wonderful start.  You will be able to determine what is most effective for you after you have been educated and guided on the tools you need.

Make a change in your thoughts

Improve your health

Transform Your Life