A gunman opened fire at Club Q, an L.G.B.T.Q., with an AR-15 style rifle on Saturday night. At least five people were shot dead and 25 more injured. nightclub in Colorado Springs.

However, the authorities have not released a complete list. the victims. This is what we know so far about the family members who identified victims.

Credit…Jeff Aston via Associated Press

Daniel Aston, a 28-year-old transgender manMoved to Colorado Springs He was 22 years old when he landed his first job at Club Q as a bartender. He loved the Work and performs at a lot of times. the Sabrina Aston’s mother told The Associated Press that the venue was her son’s.

“He would get crazy wigs and outfits and he would jump across the stage and he could slide on his knees,” She spoke. “And he was quite entertaining. Everyone started hooting and hollering.”

The news of her son’s death was “just a nightmare that you can’t wake up from,” Ms. Aston told the Agent new “And I keep thinking it’s just, it’s a mistake. They’ve made a mistake and that he’s really alive.”

Mr. Aston was “always happy and silly” And “lit up a room,” According to his mother, She added that he was a child when he was interviewed. “always dressing up,” Had a “real good imagination,” He would create plays for children in the neighborhood to perform on stage.

She claimed that she was wrestling with the The fact that her son, and others, were killed at Club Q on a night patrons were celebrating was shocking. the Transgender Day of Remembrance is an annual memorial to transgender victims of violence.

“The were doing, like, a celebration of life for those people that had died,” She spoke. “And instead, they lost their lives.”

Credit…Natalee SkyBingham

Kelly Loving (40), visited Club Q Saturday night on a weekend trip from Denver. Only a few minutes had passed since she spoke to a friend over FaceTime.

“I’m so devastated, because she was such a good person,” Natalee skye Bingham, 25, a friend of Ms. Loving. “She was going to be at my house for Thanksgiving this upcoming Thursday and, now, it’s one less person at my table.”

Ms. Bingham claimed that Ms. Loving and her had been friends for many years. This was back when they lived together in Florida. She said that Ms. Loving was new to Denver.

Ms. Bingham described Mrs. Loving as a “loving person.” “like a trans mother to me” — someone who taught her how to live her day-to-day life.

“In the gay community, you create your families, so it’s like I lost my real mother, almost,” She spoke.

Ms. Loving’s sister, Tiffany Loving, said that she learned of Kelly Loving’s death from the F.B.I. Sunday.

“She was loving, always trying to help the next person out, instead of thinking of herself,” Tiffany Loving “She just was a caring person. I was really close with her.”

Ms. Bingham claimed she was just before Kelly Loving on FaceTime. the shooting began at Club Q. She recalled the last words she spoke to her friend: “Be safe. I love you.”