In Meta’s WhatsApp, users can generate stickers using AI prompts. The Guardian reported The Friday before the AI model used to The images that are generated when creating these stickers is sometimes a picture of children Holdings guns When prompted, use “Palestine” The same words are used. According to the same, to The outlet “Israel” prompts There was no imagery.

A month ago, Meta’s AI sticker The generator was launched with the tendencies to Create inappropriately violent and crass images, including yes, child soldier imagery. According to the article, an unnamed source said some of the company’s workers had flagged and escalated the issue with prompts Another way to look at it to The war in Israel

Kevin McAlister is the spokesperson for Meta. The Verge The company can be contacted via email is It is important to address it. adding Meta will “continue to improve these features as they evolve and more people share their feedback.”